How To Get A Perfect Beauty Routine On A Budget

Posted May 8, 2015 by in Beauty

Good quality skin care and makeup products don’t come cheap. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look beautiful while on a budget! Here I will give you a rundown of some of my tried and tested ways to save money on your skin care routine while remaining as pretty as always.

How To Get A Perfect Beauty Routine On A Budget //

Step One: strip back

Before heading to the stores or online to stock up on all the products you think you need, take a moment to analyze your beauty kit. Would you be comfortable stripping it back here and there? Perhaps you could live without the highlighting powder or the lip plumping gel? Reducing your beauty routine in this way could help you bring down your skin care bills. And let’s face it, the more natural your look, the better.

Step Two: be laid-back

As well as stripping back on products, are there parts of your routine that you could be a bit more lax about? I stopped washing my hair every day a couple of years ago. Now I do it every three days. My hair is happier and healthier for it, and because my products last longer, my wallet is happier too. Other areas you might be willing to cool off on include tanning, dying your hair and spa treatments.

Step Three: use multi-use products

Beauty products that have a myriad of uses are very helpful when you need to create a beauty routine on a budget. Did you know the many things that you can do with Vaseline? This product doesn’t just make lips look shiny, hydrated and healthy. It can also be used to highlight cheekbones, define your eyebrows, smooth cracked heels and for many other uses. I am obsessed with Vaseline and carry it with me wherever I go!

Step four: become a DIY makeup guru

There are so many effective skin care and beauty products you can make from simple ingredients around the home. For instance, sugar, sea salt or baking soda mixed with essential oils make a fantastic and beautifully scented exfoliant for your face and body. Not only will these kinds of concoctions save you money, but they are also chemical-free and so better for your health. Just search Google for homemade recipes for items in your skin care routine and you’ll find plenty of things to keep you busy and away from the stores.

Step five: prioritize your spending

While you are making lots of changes to your routine that will save you money, there are no doubt elements that you will be unwilling to reduce or part with. For me, I would not be able to part with Ben Nye’s banana powder from Frends Beauty. It’s important not to deprive yourself of the quality items that make you feel beautiful. Instead, work out where you are willing to make cuts and where you are not.

I hope these steps help you to get the perfect beauty routine on a budget.

I would love to hear how you have saved money on skincare and makeup costs. Let me know in the comments below!

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