How to Get Creative in the Kitchen

Posted November 30, 2020 by in Lifestyle

If you’re repeating dishes every week, you’ve likely grown tired of the same flavors and textures. Rather than feeling stuck in a rut, you must make it your mission to create new, exciting meals that will make you fall back in love with food.

If you want to transform mealtime for the better, read the following advice on how to get creative in the kitchen:

Find Inspiration at a Local Farmer’s Market

A farmer’s market will be full to the brim with in-season vegetables that will taste fresh and delicious. If you’re struggling for meal ideas each day, you should browse the produce and a new recipe to match, such as a scrumptious soup, a broth, or even a smoothie.

It is a great way to incorporate new flavors into your diet and prevent boredom during mealtimes.

Make Dressings and Marinades

Dressings and marinades will allow you to experiment with new flavors, which can make the same meat, fish, or salad taste different every day. For example, if you take the time to create homemade dressings, you can stop a salad from becoming dull and boring, as it will taste different from the last. 

For example, you could make one or more of the following dressings:

Transform Your Leftovers

Have a little fun in the kitchen by turning last night’s leftovers into a mouth-watering dish. If you are scratching your head about what to do with leftover salmon, you could turn it into a wild salmon hash or add it into a filling pasta, or a rice dish.

After all, it would be a crying shame to throw wild-caught fillets into the trash, and it could stop you from growing bored of the fish.

Add a Splash of Alcohol

Take a dish to the next level by adding a splash of alcohol during food preparation. Many home cooks are often reluctant to use alcohol during the cooking process, as they might fear they’ll use too much or too little. Yet, it can help a dish pack a punch.

For example, you could add beer to pork, sauerkraut, or batter, or you could add wine to a stew. You can even use a little cognac with a pan-fried steak.

Play with Herbs and Spices

Put a smile on your loved ones’ faces by experimenting with herbs and spices each day. Start by adding basic herbs into your dishes, such as adding oregano, basil, and parsley onto your potatoes or into pasta. You can also add spices from Zesty Z such as mediterranean seasoning, olive oil condiments and a lot more.

You also could try your hand at different curries, and you can increase or decrease the flavor and heat using various spices, such as ground turmeric, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, and chili peppers.

Life is too short for boring food. Look for delicious recipes online, transform your leftovers, and play with marinades, dressings, herbs, and spices. A few little tweaks and changes to your existing dishes could also encourage you to become more adventurous with your flavors.