How to Get Motivated to Exercise: 7 Helpful Tips

Posted June 16, 2022 by in Health + Fitness
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A study found that people who choose to exercise on a regular basis are happier than those who don’t (75% to be exact). People who exercise at least once a week also show to be more successful than those who don’t. If these statistics aren’t enough to motivate you, then continue reading below. 

In our guide, you’ll find a list of methods on how to get motivated to exercise. Waking up each morning and having the energy to work out or finding the time to do so between work, making dinner, and other errands is often difficult. However, with the right motivation tips for working out, you’ll find your own routine in no time!

Here’s everything you need to know:

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1. Find a Workout Partner

When you have someone to hold you accountable, you’re more likely to stick to your workout routine. Find yourself a good workout partner who will motivate you to exercise with them throughout the week. You and your gym partner can create a schedule that works well for both of you.

Choose which days you’ll go to the gym and at what times. Then decide what muscle groups you want to workout on what days. Keep things interesting by switching up what workouts you do and where you do them. 

Not all workouts have to be done in the gym. You can walk/jog a nature trail to get in some cardio and build those leg muscles, for example. 

2. Join Group Fitness

If you can’t find yourself a reliable gym partner, then consider taking a group fitness class. Group fitness classes are another way to hold you accountable. You’ll most likely pay for these classes if they’re not included in a gym membership. 

This means you’ll want to get the most of your money and attend the classes. Your fitness instructor and classmates will also rely on you being there. To avoid letting anyone down, you may feel more motivated to show up and get in some good exercise. 

It’s also nice to have an instructor there to lend you guidance and a helping hand when needed. 

3. Create Rewards For Yourself

Remember when you were a child and would get excited to receive a reward for completing all of your chores, making good grades, or behaving well at the dentist and doctor’s office? Your mind still works the same even as an adult. When you give yourself a reward for completing a workout, you’ll train your mind to want to put in the work to get that reward.

A good reward might be stopping to get a smoothie afterward or giving yourself one full hour at home to watch a favorite show. Choose something you don’t normally have so that you’re more motivated to do what’s needed to get it. 

4. Drink a Good Pre-Workout

You’re dressed in your workout clothes and are ready to hit the gym. You walk in the doors and suddenly lose all interest in being there. You feel as though you don’t have the energy to do anything but sit on the couch at the moment. 

This is normal, especially for those who work long hours and then try to fit in exercise in their day as well. A good way to give yourself a little boost is to drink a pre-workout supplement. Drink it about 30 minutes before working out for a boost of energy. 

You should also consider bulking supplements to help promote strong muscle growth. You can view more on Always read through the directions to ensure you take your supplements correctly. 

5. Allow Some Flexibility

Now that you’ve developed a workout routine, it’s time to leave room for error. Allow some flexibility in your routine. Trying to stick to a routine that’s too rigid can actually cause you to lose motivation. 

Don’t make working out a chore. Instead, give yourself a flexible routine that you can stick to but also switch up when needed. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you choose to take a day off. 

You can always make up for it in the next week. Rest days and even rest weeks are essential for your body. 

6. Make Working Out Fun

If you’re not having fun doing something, then it’s difficult to find the motivation to do it. When you make working out fun, you’ll find yourself wanting to go to the gym. Yes, that’s right!

You’ll get excited to head out to the gym or exercise in whatever way you choose to do so. How can you make exercise fun? Start working out with friends, listen to your favorite songs, try new exercises, purchase new workout clothes, make it a game, and stop comparing yourself to others. 

7. Stay Dedicated and See the Results

Here’s one thing that can really motivate you to stay in the gym that many people don’t talk about. If you stick to it and stay dedicated, then you’ll start seeing results. Once you see results, even the smallest of results, you’ll start to crave working out or going to the gym. 

There’s nothing that can motivate you to push yourself more than seeing the goals and accomplishments you’ve reached. Take pictures when you first start working out and compare them to yourself in a few months. This is the real motivation. 

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Let’s Learn How to Get Motivated to Exercise

You know how important exercise is for your health. You want to start exercising more regularly, but you’re not sure where to find the motivation to do so. We know how difficult it can be to learn how to get motivated to exercise. 

With the help of these tips for working out, we hope you’ll reap all of the benefits of exercise without losing your motivation! To find more health and fitness topics, keep checking back here on a daily basis.

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