How to Get the Luxe Look For Less: Styling Bulk Brown Hoodies

Posted August 26, 2023 by in Fashion

Although some do not equate luxury with sweatshirts, you might be surprised just how luxe brown hoodies can be. With prime hoodie-wearing seasons approaching, it is time to start planning what ensembles would look fabulous, trendy, and just as stylish and comfortable as you hope fall and winter fashions to be. 

Evaluate the material and structure

You are not going to establish a luxe look with a brown hoodie in bulk composed of cheap and flimsy-looking material. Bella + Canvas says to always check out the entire composition of the hoodie to ensure it looks and actually is high-quality.

Start with the hood itself and work your way down. There should be no fraying around the edges, hems, and seams, the drawstrings have to be intact, the color and design should be uniform, and the fabric’s surface must be soft and even. It is also important that all the parts are even, meaning that the front pocket is straight across, the hood is not crooked, and one sleeve seam is not higher than the other. 

Go monochrome

Going monochrome has a way of making an outfit seem more polished and put together. There are several options you could pair with a brown hoodie. During warmer days, consider brown leggings, bike shorts, or a short skirt. 

When the temperatures are on the chilly side, brown joggers, jeans, jeggings, or sweatpants. Depending on where you buy the hoodie, it may be possible to get a matching brown set so you do not have to search for a secondary piece. 

If you do end up having to search out a matching set, try to get the bottom half as close in color to the brown hoodie as possible. This creates a more uniform, cohesive, monochrome look that is perfect for fall and winter.

Go with high and low styles

Choosing a high/low look can be a great way to sport your brown hoodie. For instance, you can wear the sweatshirt with a long flowing skirt, diamond earrings, or designer jeans you have fallen in love with that fit like a dream. Do not be afraid to experiment with different options to see what you come up with, even if it is not what everyone else is currently wearing. 

Wear a pencil skirt

Technically, wearing a brown hoodie with a pencil skirt would fall into the high and low style, but it deserves its own mention for how fabulous the outfit can look. 

One benefit of this look is that it can be great for many circumstances, including casual business meetings, but the key is to make sure both pieces look luxe, stylish, and professional. This means no sloppy stains, wrinkles, rips, or tears. You will also want to choose the right footwear. The same sneakers you just wore to run through muddy grass are not ideal. 

If possible, opt for a matching brown pencil skirt to complement the brown hoodie. Another option is a black pencil skirt. It would look beautiful with the sweatshirt and is a fashionable, versatile piece of which you can get a lot of use for casual and business purposes. 

You can also consider a patterned skirt. For example, you could wear a plaid skirt with brown as the dominant color or an ombre skirt with dark brown flowing into a cream hue. 

Match high and low fabrics 

Give mixing and matching high and low fabrics a try. Consider pairing the brown hoodie with a silk brown short skirt or a long black leather skirt. It may seem odd at first to pair the two different types of materials, but when done the right way, the outfit can look incredible.

Choose the right fit

You absolutely cannot have an outfit look luxe if the fit is not there. If you are ordering the brown hoodie online, compare it to the measurements and corresponding letters in the sizing chart, and if you are buying it in person, try it on first. 

Do not make the mistake of thinking that the size and fit of an oversized brown hoodie does not matter because your silhouette is not visible on the top. There will still be a correlation, so it is important to make sure you are purchasing a brown hoodie in a size and with a fit that is ideal for you.

Wear it open over black 

There are a lot of benefits of wearing a zip-up brown hoodie, including that you can wear it closed over a top and bottom or wear it open, giving you the option of which luxe ensemble you feel like sporting. Wear it over a black outfit, and it is a chic look from head to toe. 

For instance, you could wear a black sports bra, camisole, or tube top, and on the bottom, black joggers, leggings, or skinny jeans. It is like wearing two stylish outfits in one. 

Wear it as a dress with boots

One thing to remember with the oversized brown hoodie and high boots look is that there can be a fine line between trendy and trashy. If you want to give this look a try, make sure the hoodie falls in the range of mid-thigh to right above the knee. Brown or black bicycle shorts can be comfortable to wear underneath, and they provide extra coverage. 

Brown or black knee-high or thigh-high boots (depending on the length of your hoodie) can pair beautifully with the sweatshirt. Although many are likely to go for leather boots, consider suede instead for fall days when there is no inclement weather on the way. It adds a little extra warmth in terms of look and coverage while providing plenty of style. 

Bulk brown hoodies are not clothing you want to wait to buy, especially the closer it gets to fall. Between the hue, versatility, style, and comfort level, they are sure to be popular. Since there are so many different types available, plan out some looks you want to sport throughout fall and winter. It can help you easily choose between options ranging from a cropped hoodie to a fitted brown hoodie to one that is oversized with several choices in between.