How To Get the Most Out of Your Perfume

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You’re probably don’t want to hear this, but you’re applying your fragrance the wrong way.

Let’s try this again. Do you find that your perfume fades away by lunchtime? Or do you go through your fragrances quickly? If that’s the case, this article is for you.

When applied in the right way, your scent will reflect your personality and make a fashion statement. It will mask your body odor, embody your style and make you smell like a million bucks.

Unfortunately, if you don’t follow the best practices when applying a fragrance, the scent will not last. With the help of these top tips, your scent will last all day, and you won’t have to spray the entire bottle on yourself.

Let’s look at them!

14 Tips On How to Get the Most Out of Your Fragrance

1. Apply Right After Showering

Applying perfume on dry skin increases its chances of evaporating and losing its scent quickly. If you want the fragrance to last all day long, apply after showering because your skin will still be moist. Moist of dump skin helps to lock in the scent.

2. Wear Perfume with Unscented Deodorant

Yes! You love the floral or woody scent of your deodorant. But please stop pairing your perfume with scented deodorant. It’s not a pleasant blend. If you have to use one, stick with unscented deo. This way, you can spare your nostrils or other people’s nostrils with the wired combo of smells.

3. Moisturize Your Skin

You can extend how long your favorite scent lasts by moisturizing your skin. Just like deo, use an unscented cream or body lotion, sharing the same scent with your fragrance. That’s if you have one. The moisturizer will help lock in the fragrance much better.

4. Dab or Spray on Bare Skin

Spritz your perfume on your bare skin rather than your clothes. Spraying on your fabric means the fragrance won’t get to blend with your body’s natural oils. Therefore, it won’t last long.

5. Apply On Your Clothes Too

After spraying the perfume on your skin, apply some to your clothes. The fibers will hold the lock in the fragrance. Don’t be surprised if your clothes still retain the scent even after washing them. Don’t apply perfume to your jewelry because it might cause damage to it.

Create a sweet aura around you during the cold season by spritzing some perfume on your scarf.

6. Use Petroleum Jelly

If you have dry skin or your skin dries up faster, a little bit of Vaseline or petroleum jelly can go a long way. Just like unscented body lotion or cream, petroleum jelly can make the fragrance last longer. That’s true, especially when applied to pulse points before spraying perfume.

7. Apply Perfume to Pulse Points

Remember, fragrances react to heat. Therefore, applying perfume to pulse points can increase the release of scent all day. Pulse points or warm points are areas in your body where arteries are closed to the surface of your skin. You can feel your pulse. These areas include:

  • The nape of your neck
  • Back of your knees
  • Wrists
  • Inside your elbows
  • Below your midriff
  • Behind the ears

You can also apply the fragrance where you wish to be kissed.

8. Don’t Rub The Fragrance In

We have observed this a lot when people are applying their perfumes. When you rub your wrist together, you break down the chemical composition of the formula and alter the aromatic molecule’s structure. Basically, you’re helping the scent to break down faster than normal. If you want those warm notes to last longer, avoid rubbing your wrists. Just let the perfume dry on your skin.

9. Avoid Applying Your Perfume by Misting

Are you one of those individuals who spray their favorite fragrance into the air and walkthrough? Stop doing that! That’s just a waste of expensive perfume since most of the scent will evaporate within a short time. Spritz your fragrance onto your bare skin instead. That way, it can last longer.

10. Remember Your Hair

Your hair can hold your fragrance scent for longer compared to your skin. Apply perfume to your hairbrush and brush your dry hair. Alternatively, you can spray a small amount of fragrance on your hair. As you can see, we’re saying small amounts. Perfumes often contain alcohol, and too much of it can damage your hair.

Also, only apply after you’ve washed your hair. Otherwise, natural hair oils can alter the fragrance’s scent. Great perfume for your hair includes Chanel, Mison, Dior, among others.

11. Store Your Perfumes Properly

Your bathroom won’t cut it. Consider storing your perfumes in chilly places like the fridge. Alternatively, you can store them in a closed cupboard while still in their packaging. The darkness will prevent the aromatic molecules from breaking down. Thus, increasing the fragrance shelf life.

As a rule of thumb, don’t expose your fragrance to heat or light if you want them to last longer.

12. Mix Your Fragrance with An Unscented Lotion

Quality perfumes cost a lot. Therefore, there’s no room for wastage. If your fragrance bottle is almost empty, pour the remaining perfume into an unscented body lotion to save every last droplet.

13. Get Rid of Unwanted Scents

When sampling unique perfume, it’s wise to get rid of the scents you don’t want. Use a makeup wipe, so you can sample another fragrance until you find the one that meets your needs.

14. Less is More

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how some individuals walk with too heavy scents on their bodies. Don’t they get headaches? We recommend you stick to less perfume because too much can be your enemy.

There are so many ways to get the most out of your perfume. If we continue listing them, we will be here the whole day. So, go online and research more tips, so you don’t stay in the dark. That said, we hope these tricks and hacks can help your perfume last longer on your body. Thank you for stopping by, and best of luck!

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