How to Get to Where You Want to be in Life after an Addiction

Posted May 2, 2019 by in Health + Fitness

While it tends to be omitted from films and TV shows, there is a life to be had after addiction.  Substance abuse recovery is a difficulty challenge to have to face but it is one that you will benefit from because it will help to give you your life back.

When someone is using an addictive substance, they can become detached, not only from their friends and family, but from themselves and lose sight of the things they really want in life.

To help you to turn things around, this guide has broken down how you are going to make your recovery into four simple steps you can easily follow. By using the information below, you will be able to see a positive change in your life, relationships, and career:

How to Get to Where You Want to be in Life after an Addiction

Start by Getting the Help You Need to Move Forward

To begin with, you need to come off the substance you are addicted to in a healthy and controlled way. The best way to do this is to enroll in one of the Forward Recovery rehab programs where you will have access to a supportive community of professionals who can get you through what is perhaps the most difficult stage of your journey to long lasting sobriety.

Make a Plan for Yourself

Once you have been clean for a short while, you can begin thinking about the future you could make for yourself now that you’re drug free. A good way to do this is to create a life plan that maps out all your goals and dreams.

Start by where you want to see yourself in five years and write this down. For example, your goals could be to have remained sober, be holding down a job you enjoy, and living in your own home or apartment. Now, work backwards and determine what needs to happen in order to achieve those goals in five years from now.

Never Stop Learning

A fantastic way to change your life a focus yourself when recovering is to return to education. Of the top reasons you should go back into school, the most important one for you is that it will open doors. Abusing a substance can most certainly set you back from going after those long held dreams for your profession, and qualifications in a related subject can help you to succeed.

Put Yourself Out in the World Again

Learning how to become more social again is a big part of your recovery as it allows you to repair bonds with friends and family while also expanding your support network.

Try signing up for a book club, community art class, or to volunteer your time for a charity you support. This will help you to meet new people and find useful distractions from your urges to use again. Building up a strong social life will help to improve your happiness and move forward in a positive way.

Exercising can also be very beneficial for addiction recovery. To connect with others, consider joining a local run club. Joining a run club could help you find a positive group of people to be around that are dedicated to healthy living. If you find running isn’t for you, keep experimenting. You’ll eventually find a workout that brings you joy.