How to Give Your Home a Fresh New Look for Spring Without Breaking the Bank

Posted February 23, 2021 by in Decor

Spring is often seen as a time of rebirth and change. Homes that were brightened up during the holidays have spent a couple of months looking plain by comparison, so the change of season might be the ideal time to freshen things up and breathe some life into your home.

The usual problem is when we want to give our homes a revamp, our bank balance tends to not agree. One solution could be to think smart and make a few low-budget changes that really make a big difference.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Go for Some Light, Bright Curtains

It’s time to make the most of the new season and let some daylight in, now there is so much more of it around. Those heavy curtains that kept the heat in through the winter might be blocking out the daylight, and that heavy fabric could be replaced by something lighter in both weight and color.

These can be a bargain purchase or something upcycled that you bought from a market; either way, you are looking for something that will make the place look brighter, and not just from the fact they will be open most of the time.

Change Your Cabinet Door Handles (and possibly a door or two as well)

Changing your entire kitchen can be disruptive and very expensive. However, a couple of changes can give it a whole new look if you choose carefully. Most fitted kitchen cabinets are universal sizes, so buying replacement doors or just handles can change the look without too much upheaval.

Getting hold of some bargain handles online wouldn’t really be considered a chore, and if there is a section of your kitchen where you could replace a couple of doors with complementary but different ones (like an accent wall in a living room or bedroom), it can give your kitchen a very different look.

New Faucets in the Bathroom

The bad news is that like changing a kitchen, changing your bathroom can be very expensive and inconvenient. The good news is that, also like a kitchen, a lot of things are interchangeable. If you have an older standard white suite, the chances are that, apart from a bit of honest wear and tear, it doesn’t look a lot different from a new, standard white suite. 

The thing that separates the two are the faucets, so replacing those with something considerably newer (even if it happens to be last year’s model from an end-of-line sale) will make your bathroom look like new. Of course, you’ll need to recruit a reliable local plumber to fit them for you, but the overall effect will be worth it.

Gold faucet in bathroom

Creating a new look on a budget is never easy, but searching the internet for bargains can be a lot of fun, and finding that perfect piece, or one you thought was way out of your price range, can be a pretty good feeling.

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*Featured Photos by Johnathan Kaufman