How to Give Your Home the Glamorous Feel on a Budget

Posted September 17, 2022 by in Decor
View of purple armchair with a modern dining room in the background

Doing your home up needn’t cost the earth, even if you are short of time or have a non-existent budget to play with. It is important to first start with a plan of how you want the finished article to look, and then work back from there, spending most of your budget on areas that will take the most money, such as new furniture or flooring.

White Ikea dresser in chic bedroom

#1 Kitchen and Bathrooms 

There is big money to be spent on doing up your kitchen and your bathroom, but you may be surprised that you can give these rooms a makeover with a relatively small budget. Painting cupboard doors, rather than replacing them, and covering worktops can be cheap replacements over ripping everything out and starting again. Another way that you can change the look and feel of a room, whether it is a kitchen, or a bathroom is to change how it is lit. This can mean trying spotlights over conventional lighting, or even purchasing some under-cupboard lighting can bring a new feel to the room. 

When it comes to your bathroom, changing the bath panel and introducing a different color to the room with a bathmat and new towels can give the room a new feel. Combine that with a lick of paint to the walls, and some lovely green foliage, and you have something that could have been put together by a designer.

#2 Bedroom Luxuries

There are some areas of a bedroom that you probably won’t want to skimp on, such as a bed and a mattress. If you are looking to get that luxurious feel, then opting for a Four poster bed will not only provide you with a statement point, but will also add an element of romance and luxury to your boudoir, especially if you add some heavy drapes when dressing the bed. 

When it comes to attaining some bedside units, these can be picked up very cheaply second-hand from sites such as eBay, Esty, and social media marketplaces or even yard sales and thrift stores. Using specially designed furniture paint, you can then paint them yourself any color that you wish, which will go with your room and your chosen décor. Add to this a chandelier or a light shade with crystals, some soft throws, a sumptuous rug with a large, gilded mirror, and you have a bedroom that is fit for a Queen or King. 

#3 Adding the Little Touches 

For the most part, it is the little finishing touches that will seal the deal, although you will require a few large statement pieces to focus the eye. Using origami in the bathroom, on spare toilet rolls, or the end of the roll on the hanger, along with clean towels on shelves, can add a little something to a bathroom area. 

Candles, soft scents, and decorative perfume bottles around the bedrooms can entice interest and relaxation. Cushions, artwork, and heavy fabrics can give the feeling of expense in the living areas of your home, and all these things can be either purchased second-hand (as long as you have a color scheme in mind) or made from odd bits and bobs.

You might find that all you need is a bit of creativity, some glossy magazines that contain the look that you want to achieve, access to a thrift store or two, and possibly an online marketplace to source those slightly harder-to-find items you desire, and you could potentially have the glamorous home that you are dreaming of. You are likely going to need to get a few big items to make a bold statement, but if you are happy to get these items, such as bedroom furniture, second-hand, then there is a strong chance you will be able to.