How to Have a Happy and Healthy Dog

Posted December 3, 2021 by in Lifestyle

We all know how much joy pets can bring to our lives, and especially if that pet is a dog. They’ll be there for you when you get back from work, they’re always excited to be around you, and we’ll be darned if they’re sometimes not just the cutest things on the planet. And since they bring us so much pleasure, it’s important that we’re taking the time and effort to make sure that they’re healthy and happy, too.

The good news is that achieving this goal isn’t far-fetched. It’s all about taking care of the basics. So what are they? Let’s take a look!

Understand the Breed

We can sometimes become a little too general when we talk about “dogs.” The truth is, there are many, many breeds — around 350, depending on which classification you use. And while many dogs have overlapping characteristics and so forth, there can be a big difference between the needs, health issues, and so forth of each breed of dog.

So if you’re going to give your pooch the best life possible, be sure to read up on what they specifically need. There are plenty of books, blogs, and podcasts about all types of dogs.

Everyday Walks

We probably all have a new appreciation for the lives of dogs following the coronavirus pandemic when we were all stuck at home. That’s likely to be what your dog experiences all the time! Think back to how good it felt to get out and about on the town after spending so much time inside. Your dog will hopefully like being in your house for large chunks of the time, but they also need to get out.

Aim for a minimum of two walks each day, and at the weekend, you can go for an even longer ramble with your best friend by your side. 

Eating Well

You, as a human, could not expect to be at your best if you weren’t eating well. The same principle applies to your dog. If they don’t have everything they need to be at their best, then they won’t be at their best. It’s as simple as that! So make sure that you’re feeding them high-quality food. It’s not hard to find — Walmart dog food is a good option, and easy to find. While you’ll want to generally feed them dog food, it’s OK to give them the odd treat from your plate, so long as it’s safe for dogs to eat.

Time With Others

Your dog will love spending time with you. But it’s important to remember that you can’t be everything to your pet. They’ll also want to go outside and make friends! If you have a local dog park, then be sure to take a trip every now and again. So long as they’re friendly around other dogs, you’ll have a great time.

Trips to the Vet

Finally, be sure to schedule regular trips to the vet, even if nothing is wrong. It’ll help to ensure that they’re at their healthiest best. 

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*Photos by Maksim Goncharenok