How To Help Your Man Improve His Hygiene Without Being Mean

Posted April 4, 2016 by in Lifestyle

No matter how much you love your man, poor personal hygiene is hard to ignore. If your man has stopped caring for his cleanliness lately, it’s most likely because he feels at ease and comfortable in your presence. But this can often result in the relationship coming to an end due to his lack of care and the embarrassment caused by it. So if you feel your guy is not showering or using deodorant as much anymore, it’s time to do something about it. It’s an uncomfortable topic to tackle so here are some subtle and effective tips to help you.

Make an effort

Some women may find it tempting to not make an effort if their man doesn’t. But this will just show him that you accept his lack of personal hygiene and put your own in jeopardy. If you share accommodation with your man, make sure he sees you getting ready for your date night or work. Make it obvious by changing your hairstyle, using a different perfume or wearing something you’ve not worn for ages. Knowing how much time and effort you put in will surely make him want to make an effort himself to impress you. Or you could take the time to draw him a hot bath after a long day at work. Make sure he has plenty of products to use so he comes out smelling fresh and clean. He’s bound to want to bathe more after such a relaxing experience.

Leave some subtle hints

Another subtle way of helping your boyfriend or husband change their habits on the sly is by leaving clues for them to find. You can leave electric toothbrush reviews or body care websites on your laptop or tablet in clear view. Or you could buy him some new clothes that you think would suit him. So when he goes to wear a worn t-shirt, you can suggest trying one of the new items on instead. You could also stock up your bathroom with toiletries he could use which are more masculine. Cologne, shampoo and shaving cream are ideal. Try to find packaging that states it is for men and leave in an obvious place by the sink or in the shower.

Ask him to help you

Asking your man for his help shows that you appreciate his opinion. But it can also help him want to change his bad habits. Casually ask him to smell your hair or check your breathe before you leave the house. You can then offer to check his or he may want to check his own after a result. You can also ask him to help you do laundry, which again will show him how bad his clothes smell or look. Try to make the conversation as natural as possible and offer support openly. Your man may not have realized how bad his hygiene has become.

Most men hate being told what to do. But with these tips, your husband or boyfriend will start to regain pride in their appearance and feel better about themselves. The key is making him think that this was all his idea in the first place when really it was yours.