How to Host a Party in Your Home

Posted December 24, 2018 by in Lifestyle

If you’re done with hitting the clubs and paying extortionate prices for drinks, only to end up in the taxi home feeling that the night had only been ‘okay,’ then you should stay in. Staying in doesn’t have to entail watching run-of-the-mill Saturday night TV shows or snuggling up to watch a movie, though — you might be finished with the club scene, but you don’t have to give up your party lifestyle just yet!

There are ways to host a night out in the comfort of your own home. To see how you would set about organizing such an event, check out the information and advice below.

Get the music spot on

A poor playlist could kill your party before it even gets going, so, from the moment your first guest walks in to the second your last one walks out, you should be playing music that is spot on. What is spot on? That depends on the kind of house party you are throwing, who the guests are, and what kind of vibe you are going for.

In this instance, a good course of action to take is to use PlayMySong. This will allow your guests free reign to connect their phones to your music playing device and to take turns playing the songs that they want — this easy-to-use jukebox app won’t result in moments of awkward of silence as phones are connected and songs are chosen, either, due to how streamlining the broadcasting process is.

Choose the start time carefully

Whenever you host a house party, you’ll always get those ‘cool’ kids that turn up ‘fashionably late.’ Latecomers could throw your party into disarray, however, if you book certain attractions for certain times (more on that to come)… For this reason, you should choose the start time of your party carefully, and maybe consider telling certain people it starts earlier than it actually does to ensure that they turn up at a reasonable hour. Or, you could just put your foot down and say no admissions past a certain time.

Organize some extra attractions

To give your home gathering that special night-out feel, you have to consider organizing some extra attractions. This will make your party feel important, even when it is only a house gathering.

One of the best kinds of attraction you can organize in this case is bar support. Your guests will definitely not exact to see a fully-fledged bar, complete with bartender and drinks, set up in your home, and it’ll certainly be a nice surprise for them to see such an attraction. You can find professional bar setups and tenders at Event Bartenders — the services that these certified professionals provide will have your guests wondering if they’ve stepped into a club, or your home.

If you don’t want to have to hit the town in order to have a night out, then bring the good times to your home. When you do, just remember all of the party-hosting advice laid out above.