How To Identify Fake Pearls

Posted April 21, 2020 by in Fashion
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Some things are in fashion for a couple of months—some for a couple of years. But there are things which never go out of fashion. 

Pearls make any look more elegant and sophisticated. This type of jewelry is not the cheapest. Therefore, many pearl manufacturers decide to sell fake low-quality pearls to the people who rarely can distinguish them from the real ones.

If you already own pearl jewelry or are planning to buy one, this website is for you. Here you can find the list of proven methods to identify fake pearls. However, here is a list to get you started on that knowledge: 

Their Shape Is Too Perfect 

One thing you should remember is that mother-nature never creates two identical things. If the pearls in your necklace are all the same by shape, they are very likely to be fake. Real pearls slightly vary in size, and they do not have a perfectly round shape.

Also, genuine pearls never have a perfectly smooth surface. They will have tiny blemishes and irregularities. But that’s what makes every pearl so unique and precious. 

Look At The Overtone Color

All the real pearls always have a beautiful and lustrous overtone, while the fake ones do not. If your pearl has a slightly different shade appearing on it when the light catches it, there is a high probability that it is real. 

Also, another thing that makes real pearls worth their price is their reflective surface. Fake jewelry will be duller and matte.


Real pearls are very cold. Only after you put them on do they gradually change their temperature with the warmth of your body, whereas fake ones will remain room temperature. 

Genuine pearls are much heavier than the counterfeit, which might be the reason why they keep low temperature longer. 

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