How to Improve Your Basketball Playing Skills

Posted October 15, 2019 by in Health + Fitness
How to Improve Your Basketball Playing Skills

If you recently started to play basketball but you feel like giving up because you don’t feel you’re good at it, consider the tips below:

Be Fearless 

Do you avoid venturing up to the foul line during training because you’re an awful free toss shooter? Are you reluctant to even try? Your fear may be why you can’t get the shot, not your skills. No matter what your friends, family, or teammates think, take the time to develop yourself.

Quit Complaining 

Do you complain about your couch for your lack of playing time? Do you compare yourself to your teammates? If your friends pull off something, do you have an inclination to copy them or talk poorly about them due to jealousy? Instead of this negative attitude, try focusing on practicing when you’re not training as a team instead of being sad and comparing yourself to others or complaining about your couch. 

Level-up your IQ

Become a learner of your situation by understanding the abilities, basics and conditions required. Learning about your position should help you decide your focus. If you learn more about the game in general, you’ll be able to comprehend the different kinds of passes and dribbling techniques required for your position. Once you have taken the time to learn about the actual game and the art of basketball, get your favorite Nike basketball shoes and start practicing. Yes, Nike shoes are the most trusted shoes in the basketball world. You can check the details on

Know Your Role 

Keep in mind that you play a group activity. Not every person can be the main scorer, the best shooter or top entertainer constantly. It’s not about you; it’s about your team. Have you at any point thought about each team member and their role? If not, talk about it with your couch. Knowing your role on the team will enable you to concentrate your time on the abilities you need. 

Concentrate the Game 

Through sites like YouTube and others, learning is accessible to individuals who are eager to look for it for free. Use recordings to find out about your position, game technique, and on-court choices. You will drastically build your coach’s trust in your game, which should bring about all the more playing time.

Numerous players have a high aptitude level yet a low ball IQ. Devote yourself to understanding your game and turning into an all-round entertainer. 

Give 100 Percent Effort 

Give 100 percent each time you train, play, or practice. Try not to give reasons or grievances a chance to hinder your exertion. Continuously be eager to acknowledge analysis from those with more experience. In the wake of accepting analysis, keep on giving all you have. Learn new methods from your errors and continually attempt your best. If you can’t take constructive criticism, you’ll never get better. 

Actually Practice

All of the advice given above is great and all, but you need to be willing to practice on your own. Don’t just play and train with your teammates. You absolutely need to absolutely practice on your own. If you don’t have a large basketball hoop in your driveway, consider purchasing a portable basketball hoop. Visit this page now to compare the best portable basketball hoops and pick the one that suits you best.