How To Introduce a New Pet To Your Home

Posted May 27, 2020 by in Lifestyle
Bengal cat sitting on table

It’s all happy families – you have lived with your pet for a number of years, and perhaps it feels like it rules the roost. However, you’re thinking of adopting or buying another pet, and you’re concerned about how to introduce the two to each other.

Don’t fear, be confident, and follow these steps to increase the chances of the two becoming best friends:

Bengal cat getting pet

Get Your Pet Used to Other Animals

Cats and dogs, contrary to popular belief, often get along very well. The Bengal Cat is a perfect example of this, as it has a gentle and affectionate temperament that means it gets on very well with other pets and children. 

If you’re looking for Bengal kittens for sale, be sure you’re ready for a cat that will grow up to be playful, always climbing and jumping. 

If your current pet spends a lot of time in the house and isn’t used to meeting other animals, it could be a good idea to get it spending more time with friends’ and family’s pets before you introduce a second animal to your home. Ask your friend to bring their dog around to your house, for example, and allow your pet to become accustomed to having an ‘outsider’ in its territory. If they get on well, you could ask if the owner feels comfortable with their pet coming again the next day, to make your pet feel like another presence in the house is habitual.  

Have Everything You Need

Always be prepared! Have your care book and make sure you’ve read it properly – you should have done this before purchasing or adopting anyway. If it’s a pet that requires transporting, then a carrier that you’re sure will be comfortable for your new family member is essential.

Having the correct food, bed, cleaning products, and accessories such as a leash (if it’s a pet you’ll be walking) should all be purchased in advance. Your new pet should be welcomed into your home, and if you are prepared and relaxed, there’s a better chance they will be too.

Respect Territory

Your existing pet is used to having free reign of your whole property, and it won’t be willing to give that up easily. Cats, especially, can be very territorial. Therefore, it is a good idea to section off a part of the house or a room that your new pet will occupy in the early days of your two pets mixing. After a while, the more experienced resident will hopefully come to respect and allow the newcomer to occupy that space.

Once this is achieved, you can allow them to mix for short periods, or begin expanding your new pet’s area. 

Act Natural and Be Confident 

To begin with, your new pet is likely to be apprehensive and your old one suspicious about the situation. It’s critical, then, that you assert your leadership as the head of the house by remaining confident and acting naturally. Animals will be able to sense your nerves, so be in control of the situation.

If there is a fight, break it up by clapping loudly – avoid getting physically involved. Both pets should come to respect your authority over the situation. You can’t force them to like each other initially, but they will both like you, and this can form the basis of mutual respect, increasing the chances of them getting along.

If they do come to blows consistently, consult a professional. 

Bengal cat

How did you introduce your pet to your household? Let us know in the comments below!