How To Keep Track Of Your Medication

Posted March 27, 2020 by in Health + Fitness
blister pack medication

Keeping track of your medication is critical to your health.  You need to ensure that you are taking the right amount of medication on time, every time.  Some people take it when they first wake up, while others take it before bed. But, if you have a hard time remembering then you might need to invest in a small pillbox or have your medication dispensed to you in a blister pack. 

Blister pack medication is something that has just come out in recent years.  It is where you can get your medications all in one blister pack for the day.  So, if you are on multiple medications, you will have them in one easy to open pack.  These are very helpful and common in nursing homes and other places where the staff is needed to dispense medications.  This means that something won’t be missed, dropped, or lost.  

Blister pack medication is a simple and easy way to see if you have taken your medication for the day.  They are all in their individual spots, similar to what you would find when you purchase over the counter blister packs.  They are small plastic bubbles that either have a foil back or paperback that can be easily broken with a fingernail or the end of a pen. These customized blister packs come on a sheet that you simply pop out the pills you need at the desired time.  It is super easy and stops you from taking too many medications by mistake. This also will allow those that might need to know what you have taken and when too.  

Blister pack medication also keeps the medication fresh and sealed.  This means that it won’t get accidentally dropped as easily or damaged by water or some other spill.  

Why Else Would You Want to Blister Pack Your Medication? 

Taking your pills on time and properly is important to your health.  Not everyone can remember day to day what they did or took. With these nice and convenient blister packs it is simple to look and see.  If the medication is gone for that day, then you must have taken it and simply forgotten. This is a very common occurrence for many people, especially if you have taken the same medications daily for years.  Soon it becomes a habit and then we start to question if we actually did take them for that day. 

With blister pack medication you can simply glance and see if they are gone or not.  This is also great for traveling as all your medications fit into a small card. This allows you to easily throw them in your purse and take them along with you.

This eliminates the needs of taking several bottles of medications that could get lost or dropped. It is much harder to keep track of several bottles of medication than it is one simple card.

Blister packing medication is still new to most pharmacies and many don’t even offer it yet.  However, it certainly is on its way to making itself a norm and for good reasons, it is very convenient and helpful!