How To Keep Your Conservatory Comfortable And Protected

Posted January 22, 2021 by in Lifestyle

A conservatory is a room on one side of a house made with a glass roof and walls. It can be used as a sun lounge, greenhouse, family room or even as a home office. You can use a conservatory for taking a leisurely breakfast as a family, hosting dinner parties in the summer, or just relaxing with a cup of tea and a good book. 

Either way, it is a room that should be comfortable and safe. Here are some ways on how to ensure that your conservatory stays comfortable and protected:

Making Your Conservatory Comfortable

Insulate Your Conservatory

One way to keep your conservatory comfortable and protected is by insulating your conservatory. Although you can have your windows double glazed, your roof can lose up to 25% of heat, and that is why you need insulation to keep your conservatory warm, especially in the winter months.

Make sure that you have sufficient insulation in your conservatory. Consider using cosy panels which are roof panels made from lightweight UPVC material that will help ensure your conservatory stays warm in the winter and cool during summer. 

Since it is packed with a thick layer of high-density foam insulation, it stops heat from escaping or entering the roof thus making your space more comfortable.  

You may also want to consider insulating your conservatory floor. Most materials used in this room, such as ceramic tiles and slate-like materials, tend to be cold to the feet. If insulation is not possible as an immediate option, you can put down an area rug during winter to add warmth to your room.

Install Blinds or Heaters

Having blinds fitted for your windows may be an expensive venture because of your windows’ large size. However, they can improve the thermal quality of your room. Thermal blinds  can help prevent heat from escaping from your windows and add a cozy feel to your conservatory. 

You can also get some electric heaters that can be used to warm up the room quickly. These on their own may be costly to keep on over a long period. However, if you have blinds fitted in the room, you won’t need to keep the heaters on for long.

Accessorizing with some colourful cushions and throws will complement the room’s décor and add character to it.

Keeping Your Conservatory Safe

Hire a Professional Team

The structure of the conservatory can be cause for concern. The glass material used for the walls and roof can be viewed as an easy way for burglars to enter your home. However, that should not be the case and need not give you sleepless nights.

When building your conservatory, ensure that you hire a professional team will also make sure that your conservatory meets security standards. These standards should cover security elements such as mechanical loading, human intervention, and glazing security.

Ensure That Your Doors and Windows Are Secured

Windows are usually the more straightforward way for intruders to enter a house. Ensure that all the conservatory windows have a practical, modern, and high-security locking system in place. Also, ensure that your window beading is done both externally and internally for better security.

You should also secure the doors in your conservatory with a locking system that would make it impossible for an intruder to gain entry. Consider installing a burglar alarm to deter any intruders from trying to break into the house, thus giving you peace of mind.

Use High Quality Roof Panels

Ensure that the glass on the roof of your conservatory is made from ultra-secure, toughened glass like cosy panels. These are insulated roof panels that not only provide extra security but also protect your roof from the elements. 

The right roof panels can help ensure that your roof will have fewer leaks or less sun bleaching. Since it provides insulation, you can also enjoy pleasant temperatures throughout the year. 

Adding a conservatory to your home is a big decision to make. If you are ready to take the step of having your own conservatory, keep in mind the tips mentioned above so that you and your family can enjoy your conservatory in comfort.