How to Keep Your Home Warm On A Budget

Posted April 6, 2021 by in Lifestyle

There’s nothing worse than a cold house, especially when that house is your own. Unfortunately, it’s not easy keeping homes warm in the winter, specially if you need a fireplace repair, and it’s definitely not cheap. Below are some tips and tricks so you can keep your home warm and cozy all winter long without breaking the bank.

Draught Proof

Cold air getting in through any cracks in the house can let in a chill. If you have older windows or single-glazing, keep the draught out with self-adhesive foam tape around your window frames. Check your outside walls and your skirting boards for cracks, and get them fixed to stop the heat from getting out. Outside, you might have to repoint between the bricks to repair any crumbling areas that are letting in the cold. 

Stripped floorboards can also be a culprit of letting in cold air, so fill in any gaps in your floorboards with a silicone-based filler. For a cheap and quick fix for a drafty floor, lay down some thick rugs. 

Fit draught-proofing strips around any doors that lead to outside, and onto the loft hatch as well. If the front door is still letting in the cold, hang a heavy curtain over it to block more cold air. Thermal lined curtains work well on your windows too, to help you keep the temperature comfortable inside the house. 

Even your letterbox ought to have some draught exclusion, like some bristles in the gap or a second flap on the inside of the door. Cover the keyhole with a metal disc that can be slid aside, to stop cold air whistling in through this gap. 

Opt For a Oil Boiler

Experts suggest that a boiler is a much energy-efficient system compared to forced air systems. The reason being water is a much better thermal conductor than air. Thus, it will warm up your home faster and for extended periods.

Also, opting for genuine service providers like will allow you to get an excellent price for your home heating oil used in boilers. Thus, reducing your overall overheads.  

Get A Chimney Balloon

If you’ve bought double-glazing, insulated the attic, and spent a lot of money on a new boiler or parts for gas furnace, don’t waste your effort by losing all that heat straight up the chimney. A chimney balloon blocks the chimney when you’re not using it, keeping the heat in and the cold out.

If you don’t use your fireplace, consider having the chimney blocked off permanently to keep the cold out all the time. 

Insulate The Attic

PEX insulation in the attic keeps a lot of heat inside the house, and can help you to cut your heating bill too. Some areas even offer grants for fitting loft insulation, so check to see if this is something you could claim to help with the initial cost. 

Lay Underlay

If you have carpets, lay underlay underneath them before having a new carpet fitted. The underlay creates a barrier between you and the cold floor, as well as blocking any draughts trying to get in from below your house. 

Use The Curtains

Invest in thermal lined curtains, use them wisely. During the day, keep your curtains open. Even weak sunshine has a little warmth to it, so let the sun come in to warm your home through the glass. When it gets dark, close the curtains even if the time is still early. This keeps that warmth you’ve worked hard to get into the house inside.