How to Let More Natural Light into Your Home

Posted March 15, 2022 by in Decor
Boho living room with natural light

Studies have shown that more exposure to natural light can help to boost your mood and help you to feel more energized. While getting outside for a walk or some other form of exercise is important, if you are someone who is stuck inside for the majority of the day working, you might not get as many opportunities to get out during the day as you would like to. Even if you are simply relaxing at home or have something else to do, letting in more natural light into your living space can make it feel bigger, brighter, and generally more positive.

If you would like to let more natural light into your home, here are some adjustments that you can make to your property to achieve this:

Get Skylights Put In

If your home isn’t in the best position to get a lot of natural light coming in throughout the day, you might want to think about getting some skylights put in. As these are ceiling windows, there is less likely to be objects obstructing the light from outside, such as trees, other buildings, etc. They can help to flood a room with natural light and are relatively easy to have installed. 

Floor to Ceiling Windows

Another option to let in a lot more natural light would be having floor-to-ceiling windows installed. These not only will make the room much brighter, but they can also ensure a wonderful view out into your garden, countryside, or cityscape, depending on where you live. They are a very modern style of window and would look great if you are trying to add some modern touches to your property, but they are also simplistic in design and are unlikely to go out of fashion any time soon.

Conservatory or Orangery

Getting a conservatory or an orangery built on your property is not only a good way to create a brighter area in your home, but they are also gorgeous features that are very desirable in properties. A conservatory might let in more natural light, as they have more glass incorporated into the design, whereas an orangery is somewhere between a conservatory and an extension. Although an orangery does have a lot of windows, unlike a conservatory, it only has a glass lantern style window on the roof, rather than the whole roof being made of glass. If you want to see some stunning designs as inspiration, look at this company that specializes in conservatories Surrey.

French Patio Doors

If you’re not keen on having floor-to-ceiling windows, an alternative option could be getting French patio doors instead. They are a good way to let in some additional light from outside, but you can still enjoy smaller windows that can help to make you feel less exposed. Open them on hot summers days to let in the cool breeze and fresh air, and let the sunlight pour in to brighten up the room. 

Grey couch in large living room with natural light coming out of bay windows

If you would like to let in more natural light to make you feel happier and create a brighter living space, consider the suggestions above and see which ones could work best for your property.