How to Lose Weight Without Putting in the Extra Effort

Posted December 10, 2019 by in Health + Fitness
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We all know losing weight can be tough. Busy lives and schedules can often get in the way of the best laid plans. After a hard day at work, it’s difficult to come home to cook the healthy, low calorie meal you had planned and convenience food often gets the better of us.

Below, you’ll find some simple solutions for incorporating weight loss into your day-to-day routine, without putting in the extra effort:

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Count Those Steps

If you’re particularly time shy, carving out an hour (or more) to get to the gym and back and then get on with everything else you need to do can seem like an impossible mountain to climb. Don’t discount the little bits of exercise you can incorporate into your everyday activities though. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Park a little further away from the grocery store and get in those extra steps. It’s worth thinking about the 10,000 steps per day and whether that’s the right course of action for you. Every little bit you can incorporate will help you achieve your weight loss goals. There are Youtube videos which will give you exercises you can do under your desk to make sure you’re staying active when you’re engaged in other activities. 

Make Meal Prep Easy

Planning meals every week, prepping, writing that shopping list and then cooking everything from scratch can sometimes feel like a luxury in terms of time management. There are so many ways you can take the burden off yourself when it comes to this though, and just lighten the load. Weight loss meal delivery boxes can seem like a bit of an extravagance, but when you compare them to all the times you’ve thrown away wilted lettuce or packets of wizened tomatoes, are they really that much more expensive?

Weight loss meal delivery will give you balanced, nutritious meals that are easy to cook, affordable and convenient. It takes the stress from you to have to design an entire low-calorie menu from scratch every week – doubly difficult if you’re not only cooking for yourself but also taking kids into the equation. Knowing that you have a fridge or freezer full of delicious, healthy food can lighten the load of an already busy day.

Look After the Mind as Well 

It’s not just your body that you need to focus on to achieve your weight loss goals. Having a positive outlook is half the battle. This doesn’t just mean willing yourself to stay focused and pasting on a cheery grin. You should also consider training yourself to focus on the small improvements and know when to give yourself a break.

Especially with the holidays coming up, many of us can feel stressed about the amount of food and drink that will be on offer. Coupled with the days getting shorter, the prospect of December, with its boozy work drinks, chocolates and other festive treats on offer, many of us start feeling the pressure of losing sight of our weight loss during this time.

The trick is to give yourself a break. One extra helping of dinner won’t ruin your diet and you can always try again tomorrow. Load up on the vegetables and drink plenty of water but, most importantly, don’t feel like you’ve spoilt your diet forever by having that extra glass of wine.