How to Maintain Your Vegan Diet While Traveling

Posted January 18, 2022 by in Health + Fitness

It is no secret that vegan food has become the trend in recent years. Due to its popularity, vegan options are available almost everywhere—and that has not always been the case. This means you can grab a quick meal on your way home from a long day at work and not have to worry about the ingredients.

However, if you are traveling, finding vegan food may be difficult—both in restaurants and in-store. If you’re vegan and you plan on traveling soon, it’s best to check out some websites that will provide you with detailed information on where to go for vegan food while traveling to a new location. This is one of the simplest ways to ensure that you maintain a balanced diet while eating out on your vacation or business trip.

Traveling and Eating Out as a Vegan

When you are out of your normal routine it can be a struggle to find healthy vegan food choices. A good rule of thumb for eating on the go is to focus on foods that are fresh to the best of your ability. Try finding a restaurant that specializes in salads or soup. If you are going on a long trip and have time to go grocery shopping, all the better! You’ll be able to make your favorite vegan recipes from the comfort of your Airbnb.

When it comes to diet restrictions, staying at an Airbnb instead of a hotel is good idea. You likely can’t cook your own food at a hotel, but most Airbnb booking have a full private kitchen.

Why Veganism is a Healthier Option

Many people agree that they are following a healthy diet. Many also agree that veganism is a well-balanced and helpful option. The vegan lifestyle recommends no animal products, which will lead to your body getting the nutrients it needs for health and avoiding disease. Veganism is a way of life that goes beyond diet. Many people are moving away from meat and dairy, which is a good decision for their health, the environment, and animal welfare.

Another reason veganism is becoming so widespread is because it’s an easy solution for people who want to improve their eating habits to reverse things like hypertension and diabetes. With vegan options popping up at restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores every day, it’s easier than ever to be a vegan on the go.

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling 

It is important to stay healthy while on the go, especially when you are traveling. Flying, jet lag, exhaustion, and high-sodium airplane food all weaken your immune system. Travel also means you’re around a lot of people—airports, train stations, and bus stations are always crowded. To avoid getting sick, make sure you are eating fruits and vegetables often, and make sure you’re taking a multi-vitamin with immune system support.

If you’re not a strict vegan and consider yourself a vegetarian or a pescatarian, you can consider “vegan switching,” which means eating vegan one day and vegetarian the next. This opens up more restaurants for you. If you’re traveling to a big city in the United States or in Europe, finding vegan food won’t be too hard. If you are traveling to a place more remote, finding vegan food will likely be difficult. So plan ahead and be prepared. Don’t assume vegan food will be readily available when you get off the plane.

If you find that vegan food is not readily available, you may need to pack some things in your luggage and you may need to go to a grocery store to cook your own meals.

How to Best Plan Your Vegan Diet On The Go

Traveling can turn into a nightmare of eating if you don’t plan ahead. Unfortunately, many people don’t plan when they travel and end up with a pile of fast food or just nothing at all between meals. It’s hard to stay healthy while traveling, so one option is to pack your own vegan food. The main thing to remember is that there are certain foods that are labeled “On the Go” because they can be eaten without cooking. For example, nuts and dried fruit that you can pack for snacking on the road or even buy fruit and vegetables prior to traveling where possible.

A vegan meal plan can help you to get enough nutrients and protein while on the go. For breakfast, a smoothie made with soy milk, banana and pumpkin is a great option for those who want to keep their mornings light but still healthy. For lunch, a quick sandwich made with avocado would be perfect for staying full during the day. If you’re hungry in-between meals, fruit salad is often recommended as it’s easy to make and offers plenty of nutrition.

It’s always tough when you’re on the go and have to make a healthy food decision. If you’re going on a trip soon, we hope these tips will help you maintain your vegan or vegetarian diet.