How to Make a Presentation Your Whole Office Will Love

Posted April 25, 2019 by in Career

91% of people feel that having a well-designed slide deck will provide them with the confidence they need for an excellent presentation. However, there’s more to knowing how to make a presentation than simply having well-designed slides.

If you have a presentation coming up that you need to be successful, read on to learn more about these important presentation tips:

Start With a Strong Opener

Often people believe that when giving a presentation they must dive directly into the first slide. However, you should use your introduction as an opportunity to show who you are and even exhibit a bit of your personal touch. You can even talk about an interesting blog you read. 

Starting your presentation with a brief anecdote, a joke, or even some background on why the subject is important to you is a great way to get your presentation started off on the right foot.

Have a Story

Chances are there will be an abundance of information crammed into your presentation. Take the advice your ancestors have been using for generations and use a story to teach your audience.

This is a great way to break down your information into smaller pieces allowing your audience to follow the hero from start to finish. 

Focus on Relevance

As important as the story is your audience will only be able to pay attention to the information that is relevant. After all, the average person now has an attention span of a mere eight seconds.

Be sure the ideas and stories that are in your presentation remain relevant to the subject at hand.

Remember Kiss

Remember the old adage keep it simple stupid (K.I.S.S.)? There’s no better place to apply this advice than when putting together a presentation. 

Try not to ramble on for too long, learn to not include unnecessary information just to seem like you’re well-informed.

Keep Your Slides Beautiful

Whether you’re working on the timing or just aiming to incorporate stunning photos, the use of a free slideshow maker is the perfect way to create slides that impress.

Even with the best software behind you, trying to keep your backgrounds somewhat simple. If the image is too complex it can take away from the content it can even make certain text difficult to read.

Try Not to Get Too Fancy

At the end of the day you want to deliver a specific message to your audience, this means that you don’t need to rely on special effects or visual gimmicks to get your point across. 

In most cases, these added effects are more distracting than anything else.

Do a Test Run

Before having your presentation it’s best to check your equipment in advance. Nothing is worse than watching a presenter stumble around to find the right slides or realizing that a specific video doesn’t actually open when they click on it 

When in doubt test your presentation and then test it again.

Try Not to Be Too Funny

A joke or two is always welcome in a presentation. However, remember this is a presentation, not a standup comedy routine. Leave the humor to the professionals and focus on your job.

The Advice You Need to Impress

The most important element of knowing how to make a presentation is to be prepared and informed. Having a great presence and strong confidence makes it easy to excel at any presentation you take on.

If you’re looking for more advice and tips to help you advance in your career, check out our blog on focusing your efforts in getting your life on the right track