How to Make Memories Last a Lifetime

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I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s ever looked back and thought “Gosh, I should have taken a picture of that particular moment” or “Why didn’t we take a selfie on that last date? It was so romantic”, but then again, most of the time we’re so focused on being in the present rather than wondering about posterity. Besides, as cool as selfies can be, there is nothing better than to have someone take care of the pictures while we take care of the fun.

So, I’ve decided to correct that situation, because even as I love to get caught up in the present, and as much as we should be living in the moment, I hope to have mementos to look at when I’m older and to reminisce on the past.  

I think it’s necessary to care for posterity as well so, I’ve compiled a list of things I’m starting to do to not let any moments go by, because, after all is said and done; memories are the only thing that might last a lifetime, and I want to share it with you:

How to Make Memories Last a Lifetime

1. My cell phone and its charger must always be in my purse: Nowadays, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to capture those special moments; you just need a cell phone with a decent camera to take a good snap! So I promised myself to always have mine close enough to do so, if the occasion arises.

2. Get together: Most of those special moments, if not all of them, happen around other people, so you should always try to keep your loved ones close; don’t wait for a birthday or an anniversary to invite your family over, do it for no good reason! Same principle applies here: Go somewhere new or do something different with your friends. Then again, if you’re surrounded by your loved ones, something worth remembering is bound to happen. Keeping a camera with you is a great idea, but for those special occasions, you really need to hire a photo booth so that you can capture the priceless moments. Photo booth hire in Sydney has risen in popularity, and for good reason! So, jump on the bandwagon and start preserving those memories. 360 photo booth Bay Area is also popular choice these days.

3. Start a diary: If keeping a diary or journal with the traditional pen and paper seems too tedious, consider starting a digital diary: aka, a blog. Getting active on social media could also be a great way for you to share your life and memories.

4. Do something new: Say you’re used to taking a stroll in the park with your significant other every other day. If that sounds like you, consider changing it up. Try a yoga class, or go someplace new for both of you, like an exotic restaurant. It might work out, or it might be a disaster, either way you can both look back and say “remember that one time we did that thing?”

5. Keep “mementos”: Sounds crazy, but I always try to keep stuff that will remind of a special moment, like concert or movie tickets, or a wilted flower from that bouquet someone special gave me… the trick is to have something that will symbolize that occasion. Buy a souvenir from that special location next time you travel. It doesn’t matter what you choose to keep, it will bring you back memories of that place every time you hold it,  like that sea shell you took in Barbados, or that bracelet you got in Oregon.

To prevent accumulating too much stuff, I always try to purchase things that can become a part of my home, such as a bowl or picture.

How do you preserve memories? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Edward June 3, 2016 at 7:58 AM

    Keeping a camera with you is a great idea, but for those special occasions, you really need to hire a photo booth so that you can capture the priceless moments. I love this article. Thanks for sharing.