How to Make the Most of College: 5 Tips for Nervous Freshmen

Posted June 30, 2020 by in Lifestyle

If you’re feeling nervous about college, you are definitely not alone. In fact, studies indicate the majority of incoming freshmen feel unprepared for college. 

The college experience is full of extremes. It can be exciting to live on your own, but also lonely to move away from home. It can be a great place to have fun with your friends, but also tough to meet new people.

Your classes can shape your interests and future, but can also cause stress as responsibilities mount. While no article can fully prepare you for the experience, the following are some great tips on how to make the most of college!

Just Say Yes

Having a good social circle is absolutely essential for your mental health, as well as just having a good, fun time. If you are leaving your home town, and don’t know many people at your school, you must make a conscious effort to meet people!

During the few several weeks of school, try saying yes to virtually every social opportunity that comes your way. Obviously, don’t do anything dangerous. But don’t say no just because you feel a little bit shy or nervous.

You may have to give yourself a pep talk or bring your roommate along, or whatever else will get you out the door. Your phone and its mindless memes will always be there when you get back. 

Leave Your Door Open 

Another way to meet people is to signal that you’re friendly and up for saying hello is to simply leave your door open in the dorm while you’re home.

Obviously, you’ll want to lock it for safety when you leave, but if you’re just hanging out checking Twitter, leave it open and see who may stop by and become your friend.  

Go To Class

This is easy enough to understand: to be successful academically, you’ll need to actually show up to class! Do your reading, no matter how boring it may seem. Come prepared and participate!

Plan Your Study Time

For many new students, it can be difficult to adjust to having so much free time without an authority figure. If you don’t set a time and place to study it may be too easy to get distracted. 

Ask yourself where you can concentrate the best and at what time of day. Try out a few options and stick with the ones that work the best. 

Be Smart With Textbook Purchases

There are tons of options for buying the textbooks you need. Don’t automatically go to the college bookstore and pay full price. This article from lists some great ideas from using digital books to renting physical copies. 

How to Make the Most of College and Enjoy the Experience

Taking a little time to think through how to make the most of college can go a long way. Be proactive socially and academically. It’s always hard to start a new chapter of life, but it goes way better if you share the experience with friends!

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