How to Make Travel More Affordable

Posted July 28, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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Are you dreaming of your next big adventure? Is your budget holding you back? If the answers are yes, a getaway might actually be closer than you think. With planning, organization and a few modifications, travel can be affordable.

Here’s how you can have a fun vacation at a price point that works for you:

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Discover Your Local Area

You don’t have to venture overseas to have a good time. Avoid plane tickets and expensive accommodation by exploring a local destination. You may be surprised to learn there are activities and landmarks to discover, all within driving distance.

Whether you want a quick weekend getaway or a long road trip, local travel can save you money and will make you appreciate your own region.

Choose a Credit Card With Rewards

If you have a passion for travel, you may benefit from a credit card that has a rewards program. When you spend money you can earn points, which can be redeemed on a range of products and services. Often, you can transfer these points and reduce the cost of airline or cruise ship tickets. 

In addition to travel benefits, a credit card from a reputable company will give you peace of mind no matter where you are in the world. With protection against identity theft, zero liability and low or no foreign transaction fees, a credit card can be a useful travel companion.

Stay With Friends

The cost of accommodation can quickly add up, so you can reduce travel costs by staying with a friend. When you catch up with someone in another town, state or country, you will have good company and a place to rest at night. Your friends can share their local knowledge, with insider tips for the best attractions to visit.

Alternatively, you may have friends who want to travel with you. If this is the case, you could save money with a group discount.

Plan Ahead

Last-minute bookings will usually be more expensive. When you plan ahead you can take advantage of special offers on transport and accommodation. 

While you may feel impatient waiting for your vacation, planning in advance gives you extra time to save and set a budget for your adventure. 

Tip: Use either Google Flights of Kayak to search different destinations to visit by price point and date. 

Be Innovative

There are other ways you can make travel more affordable. For example, you can stay in an apartment and prepare your own meals. Instead of hailing a cab, you can use public transport, a bicycle, or walk on foot. 

Staying outside of big cities will be cheaper, and there will always be free activities to enjoy. For example, a trip to the beach or a nature walk will give you a unique experience without the cost. Avoiding peak seasons and big events will also make your vacation more affordable.

budget friendly travel tips and tricks

Now is the time to start planning your next adventure. A vacation will be more affordable when you organize it in advance and stick to a budget. Look for free activities and choose travel dates that aren’t during the peak season.

Consider staying with friends to save on accommodation costs, and use a credit card that gives you travel rewards. Remember, your local area could have hidden sights you can explore, and you won’t need to worry about booking a plane ticket.