How To Make Your Home an Oasis for Cats

Posted October 16, 2021 by in Lifestyle

As a cat lover, your main goal is to keep your feline friend both happy and content. While most days your cat may act as the Lord or Lady of the Manor, you still have the responsibility of seeing to their needs, even when they are being overdramatic. If you’ve finally realized your living space is truly theirs, then perhaps it’s time to turn your home into an oasis for cats.

If you’re interested in a few tips and tricks to make your house more pleasing to the kitties ruling your life, read on below. We’ll help you add the touches your cats will appreciate while still giving your house stylish appeal.

Every Cat Should Have Its Own Sanctuary

Yes, cats rule the world and in most cases your house, but they still enjoy escaping into their own sanctuary now and then. While many kitties are happy lounging in the nearest window or on your favorite shirt, others prefer their own cardboard cat houses. Using items like this, coupled with a cat bed, gives your furry friend a place they can retreat to when their spoiled life becomes too much.

Another great way of using cat houses is outside. If you live in an area that is known for feral cats, a cat house will give them a chance to seek shelter from the weather or other animals in the area. You’ll feel better about the safety of the neighborhood cats while you attempt to coax them into your oasis with food and kind words. The angry hissing is just their way of thanking you. It’s normal cat behavior.

Keep Your Cat’s Health in Mind

Turning your home into a kitty retreat may be fun and exciting for you, certain things can make it dangerous for your cat. A houseplant can spruce up any room in the house. Unfortunately, not every plant is safe for cats. This is especially true if you have kittens in the house who love to play and chew on everything.

Choosing cat safe house plants can combine your love of nature and your love for the tiny creature that rules your life. You can easily learn more about indoor plants, the type of lighting they need, and which toxic plants to avoid by visiting florist sites that understand pet safety.

A Cat Oasis Should Also Be Fun

Your furry friend may be content to lounge all day but for their health, they need activity. This is especially true of young kittens. Finding fun, interactive toys is the perfect way to help your cat enjoy their day. This will also keep curious cats out of trouble, especially when you’re away.

Choosing a great cat toy isn’t complicated. The difficult part is finding one your cat enjoys. Cats are picky so don’t expect everything you try to be their favorite. Start small, and test waters with your cat. These pets are great at letting their underlings know what they enjoy and what they can live without.

Include All the Necessities Your Cat Needs

Sure, decorating your home and making it your cat’s stomping grounds is great, but don’t forget their necessities. For some cat parents, it’s hard to hide the litter box or find just the right place for the food bowls. This is where you can get a little creative.

Repurposing things around the house can be an ideal way of concealing the litter box. Adding a curtain to a table is a crafty way of hiding the litter box while still being able to access it for cleaning. Your cat’s food and water bowls may even fit inside as well. Let your imagination go and you’ll think of a great way to hide the parts of cat life you’d rather visitors didn’t see.

If you’re ready to give yourself over to the demand of the feline overlord ruling your house, don’t feel bad. It happens to us all. Other cat parents will understand and be envious of the cat oasis you’ve made inside your home. Who knows, your neighbors may even steal a few of your ideas to try and appease their feline masters as well.

*Photo by Alina Vilchenko