How to Make Your Kids Feel Special on a Budget

Posted October 14, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Making your kids feel special in big ways might not be possible every day, especially when you are on a budget. However, there are many ways to make your kids feel special in smaller ways, whatever your budget is. Not sure how to go about this?

Here are some of the best ways that you can make your kids feel great, whether they are deserving of a reward, whether you simply feel like treating them, or whether you want to perk them up after a difficult week:

Enjoy Fancy Dress

Your kids often feel special when they engage with imaginative play, as this gives them a safe space to pretend that they are a hero, a princess, or even a villain. This time allows them to be whoever they want to be and to try different lives out for themselves. Whenever your kids are desperate to dress up, you should consider investing in the bestsellers from Presley Couture.

Not only are these clothes perfect for making your children feel like real princesses, but they are also practical and can be worn throughout daily life as well, ensuring that your kids get their use out of the clothes and that they are not stuffed within the bottom of a toy box for months and months on end.

Make Them Their Favorite Meal

There is no better way to treat your kids than to make them their favorite meal. Not only does this show them that you listen to them and that you are aware of their likes and dislikes, but this can allow you to make mealtimes all about them. This can be a particularly great way to make your kids feel special if they are used to eating meals that have been made for adults, if you have a large family which prevents them from being able to make their favorite meal often, or if they are fussy eaters.

This is also a much easier way to making them feel special than going to a restaurant or getting a takeaway, which can cost a lot, especially if your kids are desperate for a pudding or old enough to want a meal from the adult menu. 

Play a Game with Them

If your kids spend most of their time playing alone, you should consider making them feel special by joining in with their games. Not only does this give them an extra person to cast as a knight or a dragon, but it can also ensure that you are constantly engaged with their lives and that you can avoid being derisive of it. Letting them boss you around can allow them to feel as if their playtime is important and can ensure that they have the starring role in their own imaginations.

Playing a game can also encourage family time, which can bring your loved ones together and can feel like an event in itself.

Turn Off Electronics

Now, many adults split their attention between their phones and their kids, and this can leave children desperate for attention. Rather than being glued to your phone or laptop screen, you should turn off all of your electronics for a day and instead focus your energies entirely on your child. This will enable you to listen to them better and to truly engage with their conversation without any distractions occurring.

Conversely, if your children do not get a lot of time with electronics due to your house rules, you should consider rewarding them by allowing them to spend an extra half an hour on their favorite gadgets and video games. For many kids, their gadgets are a way to connect with friends and to immerse themselves in exciting worlds, and this can enable them to have time to relax after a hard day at school. 

Take the Day Off

You should also consider taking a surprise day off from work or your usual routine to spend with your kids. Many parents feel as if they cannot take time off to enjoy family life due to the demands of their workplace, and yet this is vital to the health of your family unit and your children.

By taking a day off to spend with them, you are showing them that you value them over your career. You might even allow them to take a day off from homework and other academic responsibilities to enable them to fully relax and enjoy the day without hurrying back to finish school work. 

How do you make your kids feel special—even when you’re on a tight budget? Let us know in the comments below!

*Photos by Elina Fairytale