How to Make Your Makeup Purchases Worthwhile

Posted December 2, 2020 by in Beauty

What makes a product worth its purchase varies from person to person. What may seem like a splurge may reveal itself to be a worthwhile investment. This unexpected benefit is possible in your makeup collection, as well as your routine as a whole. 

Whether that be from the type of product you get or how you make it last, your makeup choices can help stretch your budget.

Below, we offer a few pro-tips that will give you the most bang for your buck in your beauty routine:

Invest in Multi-Faceted Products

When choosing to treat yourself to a slightly more pricey product, you may do well to consider what extra features that product delivers. 

An example of this could be a beauty product that promotes a beneficial effect, such as a lash growth mascara or a lip gloss that doubles as a lip plumper. Both products give the wearer a satisfying result while also providing additional benefits. 

So although you may spend slightly more upfront, you can rest assured that the money is going toward investing in a quality, multi-faceted item. 

Consider a Primer or Setting Spray

Making makeup last throughout the day last is crucial when considering the long-term benefits of your purchases. A good primer or setting spray will help with this.

Primer can boost the presentation of your makeup products, requiring you to use less product for a better result. It will also give an even base to apply it to without causing your face to become caked up with product. 

A setting spray or powder helps in making makeup last longer. You won’t have to worry about re-applying or wasting makeup throughout the day. 

The financial payoff of both products may seem small but will only grow over time. 

Think About the Expiration Dates 

Nothing is worse than having to waste an unused product that has gone bad. Knowing how long your makeup lasts will allow you to decide how often you should use it before throwing it away.  

Different kinds of makeup have varying shelf lives, and it is debatable exactly how far past an expiration date a product can go. 

Regardless, considering the expiration date will help inform you to know how often to use your products. 

Put Your Makeup in Suitable Storage

Nothing speeds up the expiration of a product faster than improper storage. 

The proper way to store makeup varies depending on the product, but there are a few rules of thumb:

  • Keep it away from moisture. It is best not to leave makeup on bathroom counters where water is likely. 
  • Also, try to keep products away from bright sunny places that can lead to heat damage. 
  • Opt for cool dark drawers that allow for easy access while minimizing damage to the makeup, or even refrigerators for beauty products best kept cool. 

Know How to Get Every Last Drop 

Most makeup users have run into the issue of reaching the end of a lipstick tube that still has product in it thatyou are not able to reach. Luckily, there’s a workaround.

Consider investing in small empty makeup containers. You can find these at your local dollar store. 

Then use a toothpick to scoop out the remaining product from the tube, and use a low heat hair dryer to melt the remaining product into the empty container. 

Smooth it out, and you now have a brand-new lipstick palette. 

Feeling beautiful shouldn’t have to break the bank. You can make every makeup purchase work to its fullest potential, and the tips above are sure fire ways to help you do that.