How to Make Your Very Own LED Vanity Mirror

Posted January 8, 2020 by in Decor
led mirror

When you are deciding between a LED mirror and a normal mirror to install in your bathroom, it is safe to assume that there is no contest. The LED mirror option wins, probably, by a mile.

Apart from being the trendiest addition to the bathroom, LED mirrors offer many more advantages that normal mirrors cannot even begin to compete with. You must be wondering. What makes an LED mirror so much better? It is just a mirror with a light, right? Wrong!

An LED mirror can transform your bathroom into one that you love. Let us look at why we find LED mirrors so amazing and why you should have one in your bathroom:

led mirror in bathroom

Why Should You Get an LED Mirror? 

It Looks gorgeous 

First and foremost, LED mirrors are generally much better than ordinary ones in terms of beauty and aesthetics. LED mirrors can add that aesthetic touch to the bathroom space that you want. With bulbs and other lights, it looks pretty mainstream.

Even in the mirror, the reflection of the hanging bulbs takes up a lot of space. With LED mirrors, all the light comes from behind the mirror thereby leaving more space for your reflection.

Even Source of Lighting 

Another benefit that LED mirrors offer over normal mirrors is that the LED gives the bathroom an even source of lighting. The traditional source of lights that you usually use in a bathroom casts shadows on your face at different angles.

With an LED mirror, on the other hand, you can do your makeup, shave your beard, or style your hair easily and more efficiently.

Power Saving

LED lights consume less energy, they are an efficient way to save your electricity bill. Apart from the power-saving aspect, the LED lights deliver a significantly brighter light than a traditional bulb making this option way better.

Creates an Illusion of Depth in the Bathroom

To get the LED lights in order to fit at the back of the mirror, you require the mirror not to be completely stuck to the wall. Rather, the mirror comes off the wall and gives off an illusion of depth behind it.

The lights also create a more spacious feel in the bathroom making this a great option for houses with small bathrooms.

Easy Installation

The LED mirror is very simple to attach to the wall. Either you can get an already lighted mirror and fix it on the wall or you can make one on your own.

DIY Guide for Making LED Mirror 

led mirror

So far, you have understood how beneficial it is to have an LED mirror. If you want one, you can either buy one or make your own. The most common thing to do is purchasing a readymade LED Mirror. However making one can be so much fun. 

We will guide you to understand how to create an LED mirror and put it up on the wall. You can make the LED mirror on your own simply by following the steps as mentioned below:

homemade led mirror directions

Step 1 

Buy yourself a floating mirror for the wall. Since the mirror needs to be away from the wall, you will have to get this special kind. It is easily available in any departmental store.

Step 2

In case, when you use a non-floating mirror instead of the floating one, you need to use spacers or mounting bars to create space between the wall and the mirror. You can use evenly sized planks of wood as spacers as well.

To install the spacers and mounting bars, you can use silicone glue to attach the spacers to the back of the mirror. You need to leave a space of 1-2 inches between the wall and the mirror to be used perfectly.

Step 3 

After successfully attaching the spacer, it is time to move on to the LED part of the mirror. To install an efficient light, you will need to attach the LED light evenly on all 4 sides of the mirror.

To check how much LED lights, you require, measure all 4 sides of the mirror and sum it up to get its perimeter. This will give you the exact number of inches of LED light you need.

Step 4

At this stage, choose the shade of LED light you want. For the perfect light, we advise a subtle 12V white warm light. The lighting will be enough to show you the acne on your skin, if any, but it will not be overwhelmingly bright either.

Step 5

To light up the LED lights, you need a power source that is compatible with the LED strips you got. Most of the time, the LED strip comes with a plug attached to it, which makes it very easy to use. In case you don’t have the plug attached, you will need to connect the strip and the outlet.

For this, we suggest you get help from an electrician because identifying the correct voltage from your wire can be tricky. So, leave this step for the electrician if your LED strips do not have a plug.

Step 6

It is time to attach the LED strip to the mirror. Make markers on the back of the mirror which are 2 inches away from the edges. Here, you can place the LED strip in a straight line. Do not remove the adhesive backing of the LED strip.

Step 7

Repeat the process for all 4 sides of the mirror. At every corner, you will be required to make a fold so that both the edges of the LED strip get connected. Use super glue to stick each end of the strip.

Step 8

So far, you have the LED strip in place. You can remove the adhesive backing of the light strip and attach it to the mirror. When you have removed the backing, be sure to press down on the LED strips with pressure so that it sticks to the back of the mirror.

Step 9

Once the LED light is stuck, it is the time to connect it to the power source. If your LED has a plug, the step is very simple. You just need to put the plug into a switch and turn it on. In case, there isn’t any plug connected to the strip, you will have to attach the wires from the LED strip using crimp-on wire connectors that connect the strip with the power source.

These wire connectors can be found at hardware stores easily.

Step 10

Hang the mirror near an electrical outlet for convenience. The plug should be near to the switch so that you don’t have a hassle to find an extension wire to connect the plug.

So, these were the steps to make a LED vanity mirror on your own. As you can see, all of these 10 steps are very user-friendly and are something anyone can do. So, why waste your money on a technician when you can easily get it done by yourself?

These simple steps will ease the process of installing the mirror and help you decorate your bathroom with perfect elegance and style.