How to Market Yourself as an Athlete

Posted June 2, 2019 by in Career

If it’s your goal to be a professional athlete, then you should know that nine times out of ten your talent will not be enough to carry you throughout your career. Unfortunately, you have to spread the word about your abilities and skills if you want people to actually take notice of you.

For this reason, you have to be just as well versed at marketing yourself as you are at the actual sport that you play or take part in. In order to be successful as you foray into the world of sports marketing, it is essential that you put the following advice into practice every step of the way:

How to Market Yourself as an Athlete //

Record a recruitment video

The best way to showcase your abilities is actually to showcase them. This means doing more than writing a kickass bio for yourself, and it even means doing more than uploading great candid shots of you taking part in your sport. To really prove your worth to sports coaches, team owners, and financial benefactors, you have to record a quality recruitment video of yourself.

This will show the full range of your capabilities, meaning it is the perfect way to back up everything that you claim about yourself and sporting prowess.

In order ensure that the recruitment video that you record in no way hinders your chances of marketing your way to sporting success, you should align yourself with ASM Scholarships. This college recruitment platform has secured over $100,000,000 in sport scholarships for their clients in the past, meaning they are the perfect professional entity to turn to in this instance. They will work alongside you to ensure that your recruitment video has the x-factor; specifically, they will help you to:

  • Come up with a script
  • Edit your video
  • Send and upload your video to all the right places

Get serious when it comes to social media

If you want to be given the chance to unleash your sporting potential in the future, you have to get serious when it comes to your social media accounts right away. You need to do so, quite simply, as no coaches, owners, or benefactors are going to give you the time of day if they deem you to be immature. You must, then, get rid of your Facebook page if it is full of rude comments, you must wipe your Instagram if it is full of drunken photos, and you must take every chance you are afforded online to showcase the fact that you are sensible, trustworthy, and professional.

When it comes to being serious with your social media platforms, two all-important rules to abide by include:

  • Never uploading content that could be deemed derogatory to another group of people — simply, if you’re unsure about how a post is going to be perceived, don’t post it.
  • Never showing yourself to be bigheaded, no matter how talented you might be — a bad attitude will say more about you than your skillset.

How to Market Yourself as an Athlete //

If you want to find success as a professional athlete, it’s imperative that you take the above advice and market yourself.