How to Master the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Posted June 27, 2019 by in Lifestyle

According to a study, 70 percent of people worldwide telecommute at least one day per week. With the way the world of work is changing, it’s possible to make a living without ever going into a traditional office at all. Being free from a set location means that you can become a digital nomad.

The digital nomad lifestyle is one where you can fulfill your dream of traveling the world whilst making your living at the same time. By earning money from wherever you are, you can see the world without worrying about running out of cash.

Read on as we take a look at some tips for how to master the life of a digital nomad:

Making Money

There are many ways that you can make money without being tied down to a physical location. You could work as a freelance writer, submitting pitches and articles from anywhere that has an internet connection. You could set up a blog, although this will take time and effort before it reaches a level where you can earn a living from it. 

You could also consider becoming a virtual tutor, offering your teaching skills online. The downside of this option is that you’ll need to work to the same hours as your clients, which may not fit that well with your current timezone.

You could even start your own business when traveling. There are plenty of online resources to help you, from task managers to PaystubCreator

Where To Work

In theory, you can work anywhere that you can find an internet connection. In reality, you’re going to need to find somewhere comfortable to put in the hours.

If you’re traveling abroad, you might not just be able to rock up at your nearest Starbucks and sign on to their wifi. Internet cafes can be a good choice as they will offer comfortable seating as well as a good internet connection.

If you’re renting your accommodation, make sure that there’s adequate space for a desk and a comfortable chair. 

Where To Live

An important part of the digital nomad lifestyle is finding accommodation. The best plan is always to book ahead so that you know you’ve got a place waiting for at your next destination. If you’re on a budget, take a look at Hostelworld to find a cheap place to sleep whilst you find your feet. If you’re making reasonable money, then use Airbnb to find some incredible places to stay at great prices.

There are also sites when you can find other digital nomads in the same location, giving you the option to share a space.

Looking for Tips to Help You Live the Digital Nomad Lifestyle?

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