How to Master Your Spirituality

Posted November 18, 2019 by in Lifestyle

When it comes to spirituality, you should feel complete freedom with your thoughts and way of life. Mastering your spirituality means being entirely honest with how you feel and what you believe, and taking the right steps to make the most out of your way of thinking.

Truly understanding your spiritual needs can be very liberating, as well as doing wonders for your mental health and wellbeing. Opening yourself up to spirituality as a whole can open many more doors of opportunity. Below are some tips on how you can master your spirituality:

Find Like-Minded People 

If you’re a very religious and spiritual person, the chances are you already attend church or community gatherings that nurture this need. If you haven’t already, then this should be your next step in embracing your spirituality more fully. 

In fact, church gatherings can be helpful as you get the chance to practice your studies within a community, as well as share your own experience with your peers. If you are not that sociable and prefer to explore religion by yourself then you should go for doing your own reading. In case you get lost in your studies and can not keep track of what’s going on, consider using applications that will help you stay organized. Another way to stay on top of your religious studies, are professional websites like Grow Curriculum, which offer programs to help you stay on track.

Whether it’s an official organization such as the IFCJ or simply connecting with more people in your local community who share your mindset, sharing your spirituality and religion with other people is a great way to embrace your way of thinking. 

Understand Your Needs and Intentions 

You should begin every day with meditative practices that allow you to connect with your deeper self and understand what your aims and goals are. Surveying your day and your tasks with a more spiritual mindset means that you can better nurture your emotional needs, and let go of anything holding you back. 

Begin every day asking yourself questions like: 

  • What do I want to achieve out of today? 
  • Which one task am I going to fulfill to help my physical health? 
  • Which one task am I going to fulfill to help my mental health? 
  • What will help me get into my calmest state of mind?

Highlight the Positives of Life Which Don’t Revolve Around Possessions or Money 

It’s easy to obsess over making more money or let resentment take over when parts of your life break down, such as an old car or a broken boiler in your home. However, you should try where possible to take a step back and view everything with a more spiritual mindset. Of course, it’s frustrating when things go wrong, or when you don’t have enough money for the things you would like to do, but it is all about perspective and priority. 

Does it matter that your boiler has broken if you have a comfortable and safe home? Does it matter that your car has broken down when you are healthy and happy otherwise? Possessions can easily be replaced, and what matters more is your wellbeing and you being at peace with what you have.

Opening your mind to a greater purpose is more important than possessions and money in the journey to a more spiritual outlook. 

Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself 

It’s easy to slip into a pattern of feeling as though you could do better, feeling like a failure or constantly self-criticizing. Being more spiritual means forgiving yourself and fully accepting that you are doing the best that you can, and that’s okay. All you can do is your best and you should feel at peace with how you are and how you perform in life. This will help with more positive, open thinking.

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