How to Maximize Shoe Comfort

Posted December 7, 2021 by in Health + Fitness

For years already, we’ve known that Australia has had a hidden problem with foot pain and related problems. It’s a problem often exacerbated by the fact that people believe it’s just a regular part of their daily routine and busy lives to experience foot pain. Little do they know that very often it can be traced back to a person’s choice of footwear.

Below are some potentially life-changing tips on how to get the most comfort out of your footwear:

1. Look Into Orthotics

First and foremost, one should look into podiatrist approved shoes, womens shoes in particular where the unusual shapes and heels can do the most damage over time. These orthotic-friendly shoes are firstly built to offer more support to key areas of your feet that can be the source of other pain and discomfort around your body. They secondly can better house medical orthotics that are also designed to relieve you of serious discomfort and restore balance and equilibrium to your feet, knees, legs, hips and lower back. 

You might have ruled this idea out in the past because you thought orthotics were only for people with some known medical condition. In fact they can help all kinds of people and more people should look into them.

2. Take Time to Break In New Shoes

This practice is especially important for those who have bought new shoes that are going to be worn for long and regular periods in the very near future. That might include shoes for work, shoes for going out dancing, shoes for one’s daily errands walking and running about town. Any shoes that you plan to wear for any protracted periods of time need to be broken in hard and proper before you even consider putting them on your feet.

Use shoe stretches to expand the interior of the shoe before you wear them, since that tight compressing interior is often the biggest problem for new shoes. You can also break them in by wearing them around the house and your neighbourhood for just an hour or so at a time.

3. Make Use of Adjustable Laces and Straps

Men and women both love slip-on shoes like loafers and sandals because they’re convenient and feature no messy and annoying laces to deal with. One issue with these shoes, however, is that you can’t adjust them to huge your feet in that supportive and comfortable way that you need. Therefore, they can often result in rubbing, blisters and similar issues.

Therefore, favour shoes that do have laces or at least straps that you can use to adjust the fit to better contour around your feet. You’ll be grateful you did, even though it might add a few seconds of adjustment when putting on your shoes compared to slip-on ones.

4. Use Moisture-Wicking Socks

Some people like to wear either cotton or wool socks when they’re doing outdoor activities, thinking that they are the most comfortable as they feel softer on the skin. The reality, however, is that these materials will get wet from your perspiration and then stay wet, which creates problems for your feet that will lead to discomfort. The best socks to wear are antimicrobial moisture-wicking socks that will stay dry and supportive. 

You should even look into socks that offer extra cushioning for your toes and heels. These will undoubtedly cost more, but the added support will keep your feet in good shape and avoid you needing to seek out a podiatrist later on! Just remember that no matter how tempting a shoe’s style or brand is, that comfort must always come first.