How to Motivate Yourself into a New Exercise Routine

Posted June 25, 2021 by in Health + Fitness

Whether you are a fitness freak or a newbie, trying a new exercise routine sounds exciting. But sticking to it is often challenging, more so if it is beyond your comfort zone. Everything boils down to being motivated because it keeps you going. If your motivation levels are high, it will be easy to turn up for exercise every day despite sore muscles and cramps. But it takes some effort to stay motivated and committed to your routine day after day and month after month.

Let us share some ideas to help!

Find a New Training Program

The best way to start is by finding a new training program that matches your interest and aligns with your goals. You may consider stepping out of your comfort zone if you are enthusiastic about trying something extreme. Pay for a personal trainer or pick an online program. You are more likely to stick with a paid program because money is involved. So pay for it rather than depending on your willpower to get you to the gym every day.

Make it a Social Event

Making exercise a social event boosts your motivation as you have someone to share your achievements with. Involve your friends, family, or colleagues who can be your cheerleaders. Find a gym buddy because it brings a feeling of competition into your workout regimes. You will go the extra mile to beat your partner, so there are good chances of sticking around. But make sure that the competition is healthy. 

Buy New Workout Clothing 

Surprisingly, upgrading your wardrobe can be a motivation factor for your new exercise routine. Pick outfits that make you look good and feel confident. Comfort is essential, specifically for workout tights and tees. Pick sweat-wicking and soft fabrics with enough stretch. Don’t forget the right fits because they affect the look and feel of exercise clothing. A good style sense makes you the star at the gym, and you will love the attention you get.

Track Your Progress

If you experience a dip in your motivation levels, make it a habit to track your performance and progress throughout the program. Great results will push you to go a notch higher, while you will want to make up if they are not so impressive. Either way, you will feel motivated to do better in the gym. Maintain a journal or install a fitness app on your phone to stay ahead of tracking.

Keep Your Goals Realistic

While you must have goals before you start with an exercise routine, make sure they are achievable. Unrealistic goals can kill your motivation because you will probably not get close despite the best efforts. Try breaking the goal into small milestones because it becomes easy to achieve. Seek help from a trainer if you want to make the targets and timelines close to realistic.

It’s much easier to reach your goals if working out is fun for you. That said, find a workout that’s genuinely enjoyable to do. Cycling is a good example of a fun workout. It gets you outdoors where you can get some fresh air and sunlight, both of which help improve mental health. You can bike with family or friends and make it a social event. You get to travel and keep fit at the same!

In addition, there are bike options such as power-assisted electric bicycles, or e-bikes, that allow you to go for miles and miles without hurting your body. Cycling is a perfect exercise for people of all ages, including kids and seniors.

Starting a new workout routine is often a breeze, but sustaining is the harder part. Your motivation and willpower can act as catalysts that take you a step closer to success. Follow these tips, and you are good to go!

*Photos by Andres Ayrton