How to Move to NYC with Pets

Posted October 5, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Moving is a daunting experience, and when you’ve to move with pets, it becomes tricky. It’s impossible to keep your pets happy during the move, especially when you’re moving to a place like NYC. Many professional movers claim to be providing this service, but you need to research to find a reliable moving company. 

Moving to NYC with pets is a big decision because of the unique lifestyle and distinct regulations. So, how can you make your move an enjoyable experience for your pet? If you don’t know the answer, you’ll get the answer after reading this article:

5 Tips for Moving to NYC with Pets

Moving can increase the blood pressure of you and your pets. But you can keep it down by following the below-given tips:

  1. Take It Slow 

Like kids, you can’t introduce the idea of moving to pets at the last minute. Only a slight change in their routine can change their behavior. It’s not recommended to be frenzy and give them a surprise. Start the packing process early so that your pets can understand something big is going to happen. 

When you start packing early, it will make them used to the conditions. Don’t start with your dog’s favorite room. The best practice is to pack their room at the end. By doing so, you’ll not make them nervous. They might interrupt you during the whole process, but you need to stay calm. 

Your behavior changes will have a significant impact on them so stay normal and patient. It will keep your pets calm during the move. 

  1. Keep Your Pets With You

When you’re moving to NYC with pets, ensure that you keep them in your vehicle or cab. This practice can help you keep them cool and calm during the moving process. Moreover, you can keep track of them easily. If you have a large animal, then it’s not wise to keep them in your vehicle. 

Play your pet’s favorite music in the car. Purchase a crate and ensure that it’s not too small or congested. Your pet should easily move in it. Crate train your pets well ahead of time. It will help during the moving process. It will ensure that your pet doesn’t destroy your vehicle and stay calm and in control on a moving day. You can purchase a pet stroller as well, as owning Dog stroller or a carrier  will give you convenience in carrying your pet from one location to another.

  1. Get Them Vaccinated and Update Their ID Tags

Pets appear to be healthy, but during travel, health problems start to appear. Therefore, it’s essential to take your pet to the vet for a detailed checkup. Get your pets vaccinated if some vaccines are pending. Get the health certificate from the vet. It will help if you’re moving by plane. Get recommendations for the best vet in NYC from your vet. 

Pets can easily get stick during traveling. So, if you don’t take precautions beforehand, you’ll pay the price for it. Ensure that you carry the first aid box in your vehicle. Moreover, the vet can recommend you the medication that can help during the move. 

Ensure that your pets are wearing ID tags before you start moving. Pets can escape when you stop at rest stops. When you update the information on ID tags, you’ll get your pets back even if they’re lost.  

  1. Take Frequent Breaks 

If you’re moving with pets to NYC, we don’t recommend traveling by plane. Road trips are best for pets. Pets can get tired and stressed if you don’t stop often. Moreover, they can create a mess in your vehicle. Frequent breaks will allow them to do their business. Don’t forget to keep a bag of fresh water and pet food in your car.

All these little actions can help you keep your pets relaxed and in good shape. 

  1. Find an Apartment That Suits Your Pet

Apartments in NYC are small, and it won’t be easy for your pets to survive there, especially if they are used to large playing areas. Therefore, when you look for apartments, keep your pets in mind. Ensure that you get space for pets in your new apartment. Get an apartment near a park so that you can take your pets to the park for a walk and exercise. Moreover, apartments in New York are built keeping small pets in mind, so if your animal is large, find an apartment accordingly. 

You can easily forget your pets after getting there, and it can make your pets nervous. Spend time with them and stick to the routine. Don’t change their diet and exercise routine. It will help them get back to normal routine quickly. 

Moving to NYC with pets is a big decision especially keeping the culture and regulations in mind. But planning things ahead of time and sticking to a routine can help you to keep your pets happy during the move. 

*Photos by Samson Katt