How To Not Get Overwhelmed In Forever 21

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Creating a unique style that reflects one’s personality is a very important part of self expression.  It’s also the main reason why I’m in love with fashion!

Because of my passion for fashion, finding stores that are affordable and have great pieces is definitely a MUST for me. That’s why one of my favorite places to shop is Forever 21! But… even though I love it! It can sometimes become overwhelming due to the amount of options they have. Looking between ALL the rakes can take hours! So here are six tips on how to shop at Forever 21.

  • Skirt: $17.80 (similar)
  • Shirt: $15.80 (similar)
  • Clutch: $5.80
  • Wedges: $32.80

 1. Look at their web page first.

This helps you know the store a little better in the peacefulness of your own home. Browse through the new arrivals and see if they have cute trends you love. Then you can go to the store and see what all the pieces you loved look like in real life! Since it’s Fall, keeping your eye out for peter pan collars and burgundy colored pieces!

  • Polka Dot Trimmed Blouse: $17.80 (get it here!)
  • Pleated Lamé Skirt: $8.50 (get it here!)

2. Go on weekdays, avoid weekends.

F21 on a Friday or Saturday is always way too busy and hectic for my taste. My size is always sold out on the weekends as well. That’s why I prefer going on a Wednesday or Thursday between 10-3.  The clothing search is so much easier when you have your own space to look between racks and no 20 minuet lines to wait in to just try on a single dress.

3. Have a clear idea of what you’re looking for.

This is always important, no matter where you’re shopping at. Try to not get distracted by those high-knee boots or plaid shirt when you REALLY just wanted a floral top. If you don’t have any idea what you’re looking for, you’ll end up with a bunch of items you didn’t need or want.

 4. Don’t be afraid of the Fitting Rooms!

Take the time to try on everything before you buy. It’ll save you time and money! Don’t you hate going home and finding out something doesn’t fit right? You’ll have to go back and go through the tedious process of a return!

You’ll have wasted your time, and more importantly…your money on something you didn’t even like. We don’t want that! The purchase should be a fun and correct process. So…to the fitting room ladies!

5. Don’t buy TOO much of  the “overly-trendy” pieces.

Forever 21 is ideal for fast fashion or to find great trendy pieces. We all love a cute metallic top or a pair of faux leather shorts. But buying tons of pieces of the same trend is just not good for your wallet or closet.

6. Look at the accessories and shoe section last.

My favorite section of Forever 21 is their accessories! From headbands, tights, scarfs, earrings and necklaces, (my personal favorites!) the options are truly endless. Since everything is always so fabulous and cheap in this section, I always make this my go-to place AFTER my visit to the fitting room. Why? It saves me money!

I’m able to pick out things based on the clothing I’m about to purchase. If I did it before, who knows what I’d end up with.

  • Top: $17.80 (get it here!)
  • Tights: $5.50 (grab a pair here!)
  • Boots: $34.80 (get your own here!)

I hope this helps all of you lovely gals! Shop away!

xo Nydia

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Nydia is a wedding photographer that lives on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. She loves bright colors, Paramore and fashion. Stay in touch by following her amazing blog, “A Girl Named Nydia“.

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