How to Organize Earrings

Posted August 25, 2022 by in Fashion
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Jewelry enthusiasts normally have a fair amount of jewelry in their collection: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and all other sorts. However, many people are used to storing jewelry in a jewelry box on their dressing table. This, in turn, causes a lot of trouble when you want to find a particular item lying somewhere in the mix.

Earrings, in particular, can get really difficult to find if kept in an unorganized manner. The fact that there are always two of them makes things worse. You might find one in the mix of your jewelry collection, but the other simply will not show!

This guide will give you a few innovative ideas to store earrings that will make the organization of your earring collection much easier.

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Making a DIY Jewelry Organizer to Replace Your Jewelry Box

Since you want to avoid misplacing your earrings, here are a few ideas for storing jewelry. In addition, some of these options will also give an aesthetically pleasing look, which is an added bonus.

Ice Cube Tray Earring Holder

Let us start off with an innovative idea for storing jewelry. Larger items, of course, can not be stored in an ice cube tray, but most of your smaller earrings will easily fit in an ice cube tray slot. You can easily keep one pair in every cube slot. This will organize them very well, and you can easily pick whichever pair you need.

Button Holders

Most earrings can easily be organized as a pair using a button. This will work better with stud earrings but can also work for hoop earrings. Simply push the earring inside a buttonhole. Hold earrings as a pair for one button. This will keep the pair together and in place. You can store the button holders at any convenient place.

Custom Egg Carton to Store Earrings

Similar to the ice cube tray, you use an egg carton to store a pair of earrings in each cavity meant to hold an egg in place. Egg cartons give you the option of getting creative as well. You can paint and decorate the carton in whatever way you like.

Storing Stud Earrings on Canvas or Ribbons

Stud earrings can simply be poked into any surface, and they will stay there, provided that they are not held loosely. You can get canvas or ribbon from a craft store. Just ensure that they are slightly thick so the earrings will not fall out.

You can also decorate canvas to your liking and prop it on your dressing table or hang it on a wall. You can hang a ribbon on some walls too. Both options are a kind of hanging jewelry organizer.

Make a Mesh Frame

This is a fun way to organize your earrings. You’ll have to do some craft work to make this earring organizer.

You can use plastic canvas, lace, or wire as mesh. As suggested earlier, plastic canvas is a good choice as you can easily decorate it using paint and other decorations. Once you have your mesh ready, take apart a picture frame. Make sure that the picture frame can hold the mesh you are using. If the mesh is larger, trim it down. You will have to get a smaller picture frame in case your mesh is too small for it. Remove the panel from the picture frame and place the mesh instead. You can decorate the frame if you want to.

Embroidery Hoops

This is another aesthetic earring organizer design. It is simple to make but looks great and can be put up anywhere in your home. Get multiple embroidery hoops of different sizes, and put them on a wall, one inside the other. You can also decorate the hoops by painting them.

The design is an easy-to-use earring holder as you can simply hang earrings on it by putting wires across the hoop. It also serves as a decent decorative item.

Alternatively, you can use a single embroidery hoop for a quick earring storage solution. Simply put any embroidery fabric on the hoop, and hang earrings on the fabric. This, too, makes a visually appealing earring holder.

Crafting an Earring Holder With Craft Sticks

Craft sticks, or popsicle sticks, can easily be used to make a wooden earring holder. You will need some craft sticks and glue.

Make an outer frame using the craft sticks that will allow your holder to stand. Next, put sticks horizontally in the frame you have just made. You can easily hang earrings on this holder. The handcrafted popsicle stick aesthetic makes this earring organizer look good as well. You can paint the craft sticks easily as well.

Cheese Grater Earring Holder

Have you been using your cheese grater the right way? Grating cheese is not the only thing it does! You can place a cheese grater upside down and hang earrings on its holes. A grater is a ready-made makeshift option for storing earrings since you can stand it up anywhere you like; it also acts as an earring stand.

Making the Best Earring Holder

This guide covers various options for easily making the best earring holders possible. Most of these holders can be made in no time at all. As a bonus, these earring holders are a good-looking way to showcase your jewelry collection.

The typical way to store jewelry would be using a jewelry box, a jewelry tray, or one drawer dedicated to keeping jewelry. Instead, you can innovate and use these methods instead, which are particularly good for earrings. An earring stand can be placed on any surface, or a hanging earring holder can be put on a wall. All these options are available in this guide.

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