How to Pack up and Leave in a Pinch Without Losing Most of Your Stuff

Posted June 29, 2019 by in Lifestyle

Did you know that nearly 35 million Americans move from one place to another each year? These people use their own personal vehicles or professional moving services to relocate to a new place. In 2017, more than 10% of the US population relocated, so the moving industry is quite expansive.

Relocating is a stressful process. You need to sort your stuff, put it in boxes, move to a new place, unpack, accommodate to your new surroundings, etc. But what if you also have to move in a hurry? This takes the already stressful moving process to a whole new level.

However, if you are forced to pack up and leave quickly, you can still have control over your moving process. You just have to know a few tips and tricks. Keep reading to find out how to make your relocating process less stressful and exhausting:

  1. Make a Plan

If you have only a few days left to pack up your stuff and leave then you need to be organized. Take out a notebook and plan your move. Find a few moving companies that might help you accomplish your goal successfully. Call these people and see which one is available to provide urgent moving services.

Also, make a list of the packing materials you need. How many boxes do you think you need? How about blankets to wrap stuff up? Do you need a lot of bubble wrap too? How about packing tape? Ask your preferred moving company if they supply the materials or you should procure them by yourself.

  1. Start Right Away

Time is your most precious resource, one you don’t have in abundance when you have to move in a hurry.

To save time and reduce stress, start your moving process right away. Begin packing a few boxes now, preferably the ones containing “essentials” such as a few snacks, clean clothes, toiletries, bathroom products, and cutlery items. Take action now because each moment counts.

  1. Sort Your Stuff Out

Especially if you have to move quickly, now it’s not the best moment to carry all your stuff to the new place. You have to sort stuff out and separate objects in piles.

For example, do an inventory of all your personal belongings and decide if you really need it at the new place. Some of your stuff might have sentimental value and you might decide to keep them or not. If you have old clothes, books, electronics or similar items, you can donate them or send them to a recycling center. As a result, you have fewer things to move around and fewer worries on your shoulders.

It’s also possible to put some stuff in rented storage units for a while. These units can accommodate a lot of personal belongings and they are affordable. Check out this web page for more storage unit tips

  1. Ask for Help

It’s always a good idea to let others help you when you have to move to a new place.

Ask your family and friends if they are willing to help you. Anything counts, whether your auntie offers to help pack the dishes or your uncle gives a helping hand moving the boxes from your house to the truck.

The more people you involve in the moving process, the easier and quicker it will be for you to do it successfully. You can promise snacks, a dinner out or even small gifts to family members and friends as a sign of gratitude for helping you to move to a new place.

  1. Have a Clear Path

When you need to move in a hurry, it’s important to have as little distractions as possible. Losing your focus while you try to relocate can lead to time wasted and a lot of frustration later on.

For example, if you have pets, make arrangements to have them taken care of for a while. If it is possible, ask a family member or a neighbor to take care of your fluffy cat during the relocation process.

Similarly, if you have small kids, one of your family members can help with the relocation process by taking care of the children for a few days. This helps you focus only on the moving process and not being distracted by something else.

  1. Pack Clothes in Their Current Condition

If you have a lot of time at your disposal, it’s normal to want to wash your clothes first before moving them to a new place. This prevents transferring dirt, dust or even bugs such as moths to your destination.

However, since you’re in a rush, you cannot afford such luxuries now. You should simply open the drawer, grab your clothes and pack them immediately, as they are. Don’t waste time washing the clothes, drying them, stacking them correctly, etc because now you don’t have time for this. You can do it later on when you have accommodated with the new place and have plenty of time at your disposal for unpacking.

  1. Take Pictures of Your Personal Belongings

It’s a good idea to create an inventory of the items you want to transport to the new place. For example, you can create a list with “kitchen items”, “electronics”, “kid’s room”, etc. However, this can take a lot of time and effort from your behalf and time is exactly what you don’t have in these moments.

A better idea would simply be to snap pictures of your personal belongings. This will act as proof for the condition of your item before giving them to the moving guys to ship to the new place. Taking pictures of boxes takes a few seconds and you can preserve them forever in your smartphone.

As you can see, even if you have to pack up and leave as soon as possible, there are many pieces of advice you can put into practice to make your moving process less stressful.

Did you move recently? If the answer is yes, how was your experience? Share your story in the comments below and let others know how it went for you!