How to Perfect Your Skincare Routine

Posted February 17, 2017 by in Beauty

It doesn’t matter how on-point our outfits are if we don’t take care of our skin. In some ways, our skin is the ultimate outfit we never take off! But how exactly can we get perfect skin? Read on to find out:

How to Perfect Your Skincare Routine //


One of the simplest, but most effective things you can do for skin is to keep it moisturized. Thankfully, most people realize the value of moisturizing their face, especially when they are wearing makeup every day. But what about your body? It’s just as important! Not only will it keep your skin soft, but moisturizing (especially with cocoa butter) can prevent things like winter dry patches and stretch marks.


One of the biggest problems that people can have with their skin is blemishes. Blemishes can range from things like zits and blackheads to cold sores, and each one needs to be dealt with differently.

For zits, you need to find a spot treatment that works for you. It’s hard to suggest one because we’re all so different. One person may get a zit due to exercising/sweating, while someone else may have a hormonal breakout (spot treatments don’t work well for those). For blackheads, a facial that involves extractions may be your best bet. Since facials are usually pricy, consider going to an esthetics school for your service.

One of the most troublesome blemishes to deal with are skin tags. These are small raised bumps of skin that stick out from the body and can look very unsightly, although they are usually not dangerous. In fact, you can even remove them at home by following instruction like the ones on sites like


A very popular way to get lush looking skin is to get a tan. This is when the sun activates the melanin in the skin, and turns it a darker color. Which can produce make you look amazing.

Unfortunately, it isn’t actually healthy to get a tan naturally. This is because UVA and UVB rays can cause premature aging and skin cancer (eek!). Instead, why not go for a fake tan? You can apply this in your own home. Just remember to exfoliate first. Also, it’s easier to use a colored mousse product so you can see where you have already applied it.

Or you can go for a professional spray tan. Just make sure that you ask them to tailor the color especially to your skin tone. A one size fits all mentality is something that isn’t going to work here.


Our skin is a hardy organ is many ways, it can stand being exposed to the elements like the cold and the rain. But in other ways, it is a very delicate too, especially if you want it to look soft and polished all of the time.

That is why it’s essential that you get your skin cleansing routine right. While it might be tempting to use exfoliating gels, pads, and hash soaps to get that clean feeling, you should only do so with caution. This is because too much exfoliation can cause the skin to become dried out and actually make it look worse. Instead, save the harsher cleansing methods for problem areas like knees and elbows. Or just exfoliate your body every 2-weeks. 


Your face is out in the sun all day, even during the cold months. Even if you sit in an office all day, the sun can still get you — especially if you sit by a window. Sunscreen is your best protection, but you may want to give your skin some TLC at night. You can consider an active to fix things like melanoma and fine lines, but a moisturizing serum and a night cream may be all you need right now.

I highly recommend Nourish Organics, read more about my experience here. Another good decision is an eye cream. I personally like the one from Nourish Organics, but the vitamin E eye cream from The Body Shop is excellent, too! Especially if dark circles are a concern for you.

How do you take care of your skin? Let us know in the comments below!