How To Perfect Your Workout Routine

Posted August 10, 2021 by in Health + Fitness

“The Better The Workout, The Better The Results”

Exercise will actually change your body from the genetic level through epigenetic relationships between physicality and activity. We literally become what we do. It turns out that old saying “you are what you eat” isn’t so far off the mark. What you do, what you eat, how you think—all impact how you act, and what you do.

How you act and what you do impact you psychologically and physically. This can affect everything from your physical fitness to the expression on your face. They say by the time you’re fifty, you’ve got the face you earned. Some people reach their fifties and have the face of youngsters. Some in their fifties make ancient grandparents look young.

Exercise, then, represents a very real way of changing who you are now, and preserving who you are into the future. But if you’re going to get the most benefits, you’ve got to have a proper workout routine. Here we’ll cover three general tips for such outcomes that tend to apply to about anyone:

Keep At It, And Do The Right Exercises

There are generalized exercises everybody should do. The more you exercise, the better—but you should also focus on niche lifting techniques and stretches that specifically fit the physical needs of your body. If you’re already flexible, maybe you should focus on exercises that increase strength rather than flexibility. Tier your workouts to fit who you are.

Once you figure out the sort of exercises that tend to work for you, your next move is going to be maintaining regularity. If you don’t keep after it, it doesn’t matter how good the exercise routine you find is, you won’t see any results. Whatever you do, keep at it. Maybe an intense workout routine is better suited for you as compared to a more mild workout routine.

The Right Workout Equipment

If you’re not at the gym, you want proper equipment at home—and it’s important to have legitimate equipment, because the weather in your region won’t always cooperate with you. Even if it does, you may not want to leave the premises. But if you pick up the best treadmill you can find, you’ve got money invested, and it’s right where you need it any time.

When you actually have cash invested in workout equipment, to a certain degree, that should mean you get more exercise done. If you don’t, well, that’s kind of on you. Think about the cost of exercise equipment as your gym fee, and look at each workout as paying yourself back. Then instead of spending $2k on a treadmill, you spend $2k on getting in shape.

Keep Statistics On Progress

How much weight have you lost? How long did it take? What gains have you made? Are you getting stronger? You won’t know if you’re not keeping numbers. Well, you won’t know exactly.

Also, “gains”, as they’re called, can be a great way to motivate you toward the sort of goals you had starting out. Workout buddies can also help; if you can’t find one, numbers may fill the gap.

Getting In The Shape Of Your Life

Keep numbers on your gains to determine where they are. Secure equipment that can help facilitate your goals. Determine which workouts are best. Lastly, whatever you do, keep at it. If you don’t keep after it, it doesn’t matter that you do the other things right. The more out of shape you are, the harder this is going to be—but the more dramatic your results will be.

Perfecting your workout routine requires work. It requires persistence. It may require money. But the end results are all worth it, and once you’re done, you’ll find that you don’t have to exercise quite so hard to maintain the gains you’ve made. To distill it down, it’s all a matter of finding your “cruising altitude”, as the pilots say, then maintaining it.

*Photos by Klaus Nielsen