How to Pick the Right Kinds of Sneakers According to the Shape of Your Leg

Posted June 10, 2019 by in Fashion

We have seen sneakers everywhere; they are all over the place. They have elevated from street style to high fashion in the blink of an eye. We are at such a point of time where it’s both socially and fashionably acceptable to wear sneakers with everything from dresses to suits. But, one of the most safest and classic ways of rocking the ever favorite sneakers is through the athleisure way. Thrilled is just an understatement of how sneaker lovers may be feeling right now. They have come a long way from being limiting, hardly flattering, flat, and chunky.

But today, we can choose from a wide array of sneaker options available in the market, each better than the next. We can take our pick, and pair it with anything want. Be it canvas or suede or leather or plastic, sneakers come in all kinds, waiting at shoe stores for you to take them home. But, how do you know which sneaker is the perfect fit for you? Well, that depends on your leg shape, and we will be describing all of that shortly. For now, you should just head straight to a shoe shop and get yourself a pair of smart men’s sneakers in Melbourne or wherever you are based. Elle et Lui has got to be that shop, as they offer a myriad collection of sneakers for both men and women. They are a designer boutique, offering exclusive, handcrafted Portuguese footwear on sale, and are one of the most reputed luxury retail outlets in Australia.

A sneaker can be composed of as many as 90 individual parts, depending upon the design and intricacy. With so many inputs coming together, it could either result in a perfect symphonic orchestra or in a disastrous chaotic mess. How could you tell the difference between the two? How could you pick the perfect women’s sneakers in Melbourne? Well, it all starts with your leg shape, and it’s as simple as that. So, let’s tell you in greater detail:

Choose the right kind of sneaker based on your leg shape

Athletic legs: Women having athletic legs deserve to show them off. But, with such strong and beautiful sculpted looking legs, they need footwear which lends softness to them. So, they should go for muted, subtle colored sneakers with more of a flexible, rounded shape and a little bit of height for those muscles. If you are thinking of going for high-tops, choose a simple, chic pair that enhances your calves. Pairing this kind of sneakers with a denim skirt, a white shirt and a denim jacket is a perfect look when the weather is warm. 

Curvy legs: Now, if you are one of those women who have curvy legs, you really have a hard time pulling off a pair of sneakers. Sneakers end up making your feet look smaller. But, the hack to choosing sneakers for you is to go for dark colors or which have substance. Flimsy sneakers don’t make the cut for you.

Pair your dark denims with a pair of dark sneakers, and it will give a streamlined look balancing out your curves. Pairing these with cropped skinny denims, a knotted crop and a backpack will look nothing less than ah-mazing! 

Lean legs: Women having lean legs can pull off flat, flexible sneakers the best. Though, not all of them may have a petite frame, their legs make them look thinner. These legs can rock high tops better than most others. If you fall under this category, make sure to avoid chunky, huge sneakers, as they tend to look disproportionate with your legs.

You can slay around in high tops, but try to keep things simple and basic. Pair these with denims, a t-shirt and a jacket to never go wrong.

How to Pick the Right Kinds of Sneakers According to the Shape of Your Leg

So, this is how you can go sneaker shopping according to your leg shape and build. This is a full proof way of never bringing home ill-fitting sneakers. This is how you could also ensure not ending up on the couch nursing shin splints or aching heels. So, ready to add some new, cool sneakers to your collection?

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