How to Plan a Destination Bachelor Party

Posted April 29, 2021 by in Lifestyle

If you’re one of the 2 million people who are tying the knot this year (or the next), then congratulations! Proposing to your sweetheart probably isn’t easy, especially since their answer could make or break your future.

But just because they said “yes” doesn’t mean the hard part’s over. For example, you’ve got to have an amazing bachelor party! In fact, you might have a destination party in mind, especially since everyone’s been cooped up for the last year or so.

If you’re planning on a destination bachelor party, then you’ll want to read on. Here’s how to plan the perfect bachelor party weekend!

Don’t Make It a Surprise

The element of surprise can be exciting for some people, but when you’re going somewhere with a bunch of people, it’s best to lay out everything at the get-go. 

Even though it’s your bachelor party, you still have to take other people’s preferences into consideration, especially their budgets. For example, if your best friend is currently paying off a huge student loan debt, don’t make the destination somewhere wildly expensive.

On that note, make sure to give your friends plenty of notice so they can save up, take time off work, and make other arrangements.

Reserve Blocks in Hotels

Chances are, things are going to get rowdy. You’ve probably been in a hotel before where there were a few party animals roaming the halls at 3:00 am. And you probably didn’t appreciate it at all.

Don’t be that guy! Reserve a block in a hotel early on so you guarantee everyone has a room and that other guests aren’t bothered by your bachelor party.

Plan Activities, But Don’t Go Overboard

A traveling bachelor party is so exciting, but it’s possible to go overboard. This will result in tired and haggard guests.

It’s tempting to cram every bit of free time with activities, but make sure you leave chunks of free time available. Just chilling out at a random bar with each other while in between activities can be a great way to take a break and have some relaxed fun.

Go on a Booze Cruise

While in a new place, exploring can be quite tiring. Do yourself a favor and book a bachelor party booze cruise!

You and your buddies will get a chance to rest your feet while continuing the partying. And what’s best is, you’ll get a breathtaking view of the area that can’t be beat.

Booze cruises will take care of the drinks and even the food and entertainment if you’d like. This leaves a lot of planning out of your hands so there’s less stress for your bachelor party.

Make Your Destination Bachelor Party a Success

A destination bachelor party can be amazing if you do it right. So make sure you put our tips to use to make sure that you and your friends have an unforgettable time!

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