How To Plan A Weekend Away On A Budget

Posted June 23, 2023 by in Lifestyle

When money is tight, planning a trip can be tricky. Getting away from your usual routine is important to help you recharge and refresh. Weekends away are a more affordable option for people who can’t afford a longer holiday, but they can be just as reinvigorating.

Planning a budget trip can be done by carefully considering the location, accommodation, transport and food that you’ll enjoy. Here are some top tips to help you out this year.

Plan ahead

Booking at the last minute can often leave you paying more for essentials like transport and accommodation. If you plan ahead, you may be able to benefit from cheap deals. Opting for the train could be more cost-effective in some places, and driving may be better with more isolated destinations.

The weekend you select can also be important when it comes to cost. Bank and school holidays are usually more expensive because demand is higher. Finding a weekend that works for you outside of peak seasons is usually best if you’re looking to book on a budget.

Pick the right location

An affordable weekend away requires an appropriate location to help keep costs down. The most iconic or premium destinations will charge more for almost everything – accommodation, food, drinks and activities.

Consider somewhere a little more off the beaten path. This could be a cheap and cheerful European city or a quaint market town or coastal village in the UK. Try to find somewhere with lots of free activities such as walking and sightseeing because these will help to keep you occupied without splashing the cash.

Look for accommodation deals

Your choice of accommodation is important for the overall cost of a trip.  If you’re traveling to Paris on a tight budget, it’s worth considering booking one of the best hostels in Paris, as they often provide affordable accommodations and a great opportunity to meet fellow travelers while exploring the city’s attractions. With a little more to spend you can consider an Airbnb, hotel or holiday park.

Make use of a variety of comparison sites to find the best deals, but be sure to book through an established and trusted brand to avoid being scammed.

Be smart with food

Food and drink are often a big expense when you’re away from home. Finding ways to minimise your spending without taking away from the experience is key to helping you relax and enjoy the trip.

Packed lunches during the day or breakfast at your accommodation can be useful to allow you to spend a little more at dinner time. If you are going to eat out, consider if there are any deals on offer in the local area because these can often save you a fair bit.

Planning a weekend away on a budget isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but with enough planning and creativity, you can have a great time without breaking the bank. Where would you go on a budget?