How to Plan Your Next Golf-Inspired Weekend Getaway

Posted March 25, 2021 by in Lifestyle

2020 has been a tough year for golf travelers- all thanks to the global pandemic. However, it hasn’t stopped golf lovers from dreaming about their favorite sports trips. If anything, the travel bans have bestowed the sports lovers endless opportunities of planning something out for the year 2021 or 2022. 

If you’re a golf enthusiast who’s planning a vacation or weekend getaway, trying out a new course sounds pretty exciting. Well, lovers like you would want to thank us later when you’ll know that there are numerous golf courses in the U.S and overseas. All you’ve to do is plan your trip based on a visiting destination, keeping in mind the best weather. Another tip for picking a golf destination is traveling when you can find the best deals and offers on seasonal packages or Stay-and-Play packages. 

Are you planning your golf-inspired trip for the first time? Can’t decide where to begin? Below are some tips that can prove to help plan your weekend golf escape:

Consider Your Golf Destination

One of the first steps towards planning a golf vacation is deciding if you prefer to travel within the boundaries of the United States or fly overseas. If you wish to stay within the U.S, do you have a particular course in mind? 

Statistics show that there were around 34,000 golf courses across the globe, out of which 15,000 courses were in the U.S, back in 2015. The prevalence of golf courses shed light on the popularity of the sport. When scheduling a golf vacation, the weekend golfers select their courses based on the diversity of activities they can enjoy. For instance, you’d want to choose a state like Florida if your family is there or you can choose another place as your weekend getaway.  

Group or Solo

Now that you have decided where you want to go, determine if you’re going to go alone or wish to enjoy the company of your golfing friends or relatives. You can also consider taking your spouse or children if the location you choose for golfing has family-friendly activities. If family vacay is on your mind, ensure checking travel packages that promise to give you extra savings on rental cars, flights, and hotels. 

The travel experts outline certain check-points to ease your decision-making process:

  1. If you wish to go solo, many courses enable you to do a “walk-on” at the golf course and help you match with other golfers. 
  2. If you bring family or friends who don’t admire golf as a sport, look for some other outdoor activities. These may be hunting or fishing. The trick for attaining the best possible experience lies with picking a location that has the most amenities. After all, you want to enjoy yourself playing a round of golf without making others feel left out.
  3. If it’s a work-related trip, know if you can squeeze in some leisure moments to relish a game of weekend golf. 

Select Your Courses

It can be easy to choose a golf course when there are so many fantastic ones available. But is that so? Well, often, the mind-boggling variety makes a choice difficult. Thus, it is always nice to tick off the major signature courses from your bucket list and still enjoy the game at the lesser-known golf clubs. Another thing to consider is that top-notch courses have high demand, and getting into them is difficult. 

If you’re looking for a better time, choose courses that are in line with all the players’ experience and skills in the group. That way, everyone has the flexibility of enjoying the game. The first-time golfers must ensure following one of the established golf trails since planning becomes much more accessible. 

Pack Well For the Trip

Is the weekend golf trip an escape to rejuvenate yourself? If yes, then you surely don’t want to worry about doing laundry. Thus, the experts recommend packing a golf outfit for each day. Be sure to check the dress code for the weekend golf course and pack accordingly. Let your teammates know all the essential information you come across about dressing appropriately for the game. 

Make sure you spend some quality time packing since you’ll also need some casual outfits for relaxation or, let’s say, meals or after-game evenings. Pack your bag with everything you need for the game. A golf bag, clubs, and a few balls, to name a few. Worry not if you miss onto some game equipment since most golf courses have onsite stores with the latest shoes, clubs, and golf bag designs. 

Get Organized

Once you know the people who’ll be accompanying you for your weekend getaways, figure out amongst yourselves who’ll be planning the trip details to avoid any hassles later on! The process of bringing everyone on the same page may seem complicated, but once you have ground rules established right from the start- things get smooth. 

If you’re in charge of the brothers’ band, take reasonable control and delegate the group whenever needed. And, why not? You don’t want to wane off your enthusiasm doing all the work. Thus, an ideal trip would be when one person handles the food/entertainment, and the other takes care of the game/ travel. 

Never Over-Schedule

One of the top ways of messing up with a trip itinerary is over-scheduling. Many planners look at the United States map and assume that they can get away from one course to another. Golfers think they’ll be able to play on consecutive days, which becomes hectic. It also becomes vital to consider the age and fitness level of the people around you. 

Professional golfers exclaim that over-scheduling looks good only on paper but can have significant negative consequences. ‘Coz it is the smaller steps that lead to more significant gains. 

It takes exquisite attention to detail when planning a golfing adventure, especially if the period is as short as a weekend. Research well and find the best information for planning your first golf trip or your next game- the professional golfers exclaim. You must also read the blogs for knowing extra tips, look up golf routes, and golf courses to make a trusted decision. 

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