How To Prep Your Guest Room for the Holiday Season

Posted November 23, 2019 by in Decor
holiday guest room

For some people, having houseguests for the holidays is the highlight of the season. Even for those who love entertaining, prepping for overnight guests can be stressful. Follow these simple tips from experienced Santa Monica interior designers to make the job a breeze:

The Big Picture

If you have several weeks or months to get your guest room ready, use the opportunity to freshen the paint. Research the best neutral paint colors for your space and then decide whether to update the flooring, as well. Whether you have wall-to-wall carpet or hard floors, give them a deep cleaning before the entertaining season is in full swing. That’s one less thing you have to worry about at the last minute.

Seasonal Accents

The easiest way to update the guest room for a change of seasons is by switching out rugs, bedding, and window treatments. Pro tip: keep neutral colors on the bed and windows all year. Then, all you have to do as the seasons change is change out your throw pillows, valances, and accent rugs. Of course, you’ll want to add decor items specific to the season. Think wall art, nightstand lamps, and holiday-themed vignettes.

Final Details

A day or two before your guests arrive, freshen the room by changing the sheets, doing a final cleaning to get the dust off, and setting out towels and toiletries. Now the space is ready, but there are a few more things to do on the day of your guests’ arrival:

  • Set out drinking water, glasses, and snacks. An ideal place for a carafe of water is on the nightstand, although another small table in the room also works. When choosing snacks, look for things that are not too crumbly or sticky, and that are easy to clean up. Fresh fruit is a good idea, as long as it’s not too juicy.
  • Leave instructions. Even if you will be home most of the time your visitors are around, having a list of pertinent details, such as your cell phone number, the code to the alarm or driveway gate, and so on, will be helpful. You should also include an itinerary if you have events planned during their stay.
  • Post the Wi-Fi password. Posting the password and network name in a cute frame in the guest room saves everyone the headache of trying to get connected late at night or when the host is away.
  • Buy flowers. Even a modest vase with one or two blooms will show your guests that they are welcome. It’s a simple gesture that makes people feel special, so don’t skip this one.
  • Take a cue from pros who know about interior design Malibu and give the room a fresh, open vibe by flooding it with natural light the day your guests arrive.

With a bit of forethought, prepping for holiday guests doesn’t have to stress you out. If you’re pressed for time to prepare, remember that what travelers want most is a clean room and hot, running water. The little details you put in after that are the icing on the cake.