How to Prepare for a Job Interview—Answers to Tricky Questions

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The world is full of things that can evoke anxiety and make your palms sweat. The job interview is on the list since its main task is to get acquainted with you closer and determine how you behave under stressful circumstances. They say that a person’s true nature reveals itself when under pressure—when they feel uncomfortable and want to escape. Perhaps it one of the reasons why interviewers like to ask tricky questions and watch your reaction.

Most people who have ever been interviewed for a desirable position would like not to repeat that experience again. However, you never know when you will face the need to start your job search once again. So, it is better to follow the proverb, “Forewarned is forearmed,” and if you are a student, it is better to take the first steps toward your dream job in college, when you can find a reliable service with the help of and combine work with studying.

Most employers are interested in skillful workers, so it is already high time to get ready for an interview if you have career ambitions. The sooner you prepare yourself for your dream job, the sooner your dream job will be you reality.

If you tend to get nervous during interviews or don’t know who to answer difficult questions by yourself, below are some common questions asked during job interviews as well as the best way to answer them:

Tips on how to ace a job interview.

Tell about your weaknesses and strong sides

Your potential employer would like to find out whether you are a perfect match for their team. When you start describing your strong sides, you should tell about your features and qualities that can benefit the company. Thus, you shouldn’t overdo it with self-advertising but mention the key strong sides of your personality.

For instance, it can be something like, “I have advanced time-management skills and know how to meet challenges.” It will not be superfluous to study the job description and mention some qualities they are looking for in their perfect candidate as well.

They say that if a person can admit a problem, they can fix it as well. Thus, when they ask about your weak spots, they want to find out whether you are aware of them and work on becoming the best version of yourself. Show that you are prone to self-searching, but don’t go deep down your weaknesses. For example, you can say that sometimes your perfectionism becomes a stumbling block, but you have learned to prioritize and focus more on efficiency this past year.

Tell about your latest achievements

You might have watched movies in which a character couldn’t remember anything important except for high school achievements. When a person cannot specify anything or gives an example from the past, the interviewer may have doubts whether you will become successful in the new position.

Well, such a question may catch you off guard, so it is better to think about it beforehand. You can mention successful negotiations with a customer, etc.

Why do you want to work here?

Such a question makes it easier for an interviewer to say goodbye to candidates interested only in a high salary but haven’t even tried to learn more about the company. Extensively researching the company, the job description, and even some of the management before your interview will put you ahead of other applicants. This includes knowing the company’s mission statement and even some of the company’s achievements (usually listed in the about section of their website).

Thus, if you are looking for your first serious job, it is worth studying the write my essay reviews to find a trustworthy writing service that will help free up your schedule. Devote this time to looking for companies you are interested in and learn more about their values, advantages over rivals, achievements, etc. So, your potential employer will understand that you are serious about getting this job, especially if you go into more details about the position you apply for.

Your preparation will help you stand out from the rest.

Tell about your life in ten years

Companies don’t want to hire and invest their time and money in employees who will not stick around or who perceive this position as something temporary. Even though it is pretty common nowadays to change jobs and try yourself in different spheres, your interviewer must not doubt your seriousness about the chosen position. You don’t need to lie and assure them that you will stay with them till retirement—just show them that you are self-motivated and be ready to name several goals you would like to achieve.

For instance, you can say that you want to work within the field but hope to move on to the next stage of your career ladder. Maybe even say something like “in your chair.” This lets them know you want to advance within the company and that you admire their career path.

Tell about a time you made a mistake

Every job suggests a list of key skills that a person should possess to get it. Thus, an interviewer may ask questions aimed at determining the level of your expertise. There are many such questions, but they all will be connected with your real working experience and cases you’ve used in your work. The thing is that you will hardly be able to come up with a fake case and talk about it in detail.

For example, they may ask you about a situation when you failed to achieve the desired result. So, it is better to think about such things beforehand and give examples that involve several crucial factors you couldn’t cope with. This includes what the outcome was, and how you plan to do it differently in the future.

What is a success for you?

It is a very subjective thing that everyone will treat differently based on their life principles and experience. There is a thin line between ambitiousness and initiative. Thus, if you say that success is about getting a leading position, an interviewer may think that you are of a type who is ready to step on everyone’s toes. It is better to give a trickier answer, saying that success is a chance you use your knowledge in practice and achieve results.

What have been some questions you have been asked during a job interview that caught you off guard? Let us know in the comments below!

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