How to Prepare for the Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Exam

Posted July 23, 2020 by in Career
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Today, people can work on the same platform at the same time from different locations through peer to peer technological interactions. This is called distributed computing and it relies heavily on cloud technology such as AWS (Amazon Web Services).

The range of distributed applications and services is wide hence calling for professionals in the industry. Amazon, as a relevant player in the cloud sector, provides exams and certifications to prepare specialists to work with their products.

Therefore, we bring to your attention the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional test and its Exam Labs  credential which can have a great impact on your career. Let’s explore what you need to know and do to add this badge to your CV!

About AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam

This exam, also known as SAP-C01 targets anyone that works in a Solutions Architect role and has more than two years’ experience administering and operating systems over AWS. Passing this test makes you an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional and demonstrates that you have several capabilities, namely:

  • Implementation of strategies for cost-control
  • Designing and deploying business-relevant scalable operations on AWS
  • Managing large multi-level apps on AWS
  • Creating applications on AWS that are scalable, accessible, resilient, and reliable 
  • Choosing the right AWS service for creating apps considering the requirements

Before taking your SAP-C01, there are several things you need to know about it:

  • The assessment lasts 180 minutes.
  • You can take the test in a proctored site or online.
  • It will cost you $300. Also, you could take a trial attempt for $40
  • The exam is available in Simplified Chinese, English, Korean, and Japanese.  
  • The pass mark is 750 out of 1000.
  • Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Dumps Questions

Getting this score requires adequate studies. There are lots of resources available for SAP-C01, so you’ll be able to choose those that work best for you. You can enroll in the AWS preparation course or use study guides. Also, some students find video training highly beneficial as it involves several methods of delivering information and allows them to make pauses and repetitions when needed. Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Practice Exam are quite popular too but there are some misconceptions on how to utilize them correctly. Below, you’ll find some tips. 

Practice Tests: How to Use Them Right?

Mock tests are always a good preparation option for IT exams if well used. To get most of them, follow these points:


  • Adapt to an exam environment


There are two forms of questions on SAP-C01: multiple-choice and multiple response. You need to be certain about both the answers and the format you provide them. Sample tests allow you to get used to the testing environment and understand what you’re required to do Visit This Website .


  • Improve your time management


Always do your practice test in one sitting. Take 3 hours of your time in a silent room to handle it in the way you would do it in an actual exam. Doing this regularly will help you create a good answering strategy as well as resilience and the ability to stay focused for 180 minutes.


  • Know your weak points


Doing Certbolt Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification Training is a way of knowing whether you are ready for an exam. Therefore, you could use these prior results to identify skills you are not good at and do more work to perfect these gray areas.

With credential earned on passing the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Certification exam, you can work as a SysOps Admin, a Cloud Solutions Architect, or a DevOps Engineer, to name a few. According to, with this badge, you can acquire an average salary of $128k annually.

Therefore, enroll in SAP-C01, use practice tests and any other helpful resources during preparation, and make a difference in your career with this IT accreditation!