How to Prepare Your Kids to Lead Productive, Happy and Fulfilled Lives

Posted May 3, 2019 by in Lifestyle

Any parent wants the best for their kids and prepares them for a happier and less stressed life. However, these are often the dreams that are hard to materialize, even if you envisioned yourself in the role of “worlds greatest dad” and you might even have the cup for motivation. The truth is, it’s easy to lax on guidance and rules when the demands of heavy workload along with daily family life feel overwhelming. Suddenly, being a good parent and a hard worker cause internal conflict. 

Here are a three ways you can prepare your kids for life without the common stress of “am I doing enough.”

Make sure you live in the right location to raise a family

Ensure your family is living in an area that is both affordable and has good schools that can help your kids grow up with the balance. Research shows that a good education from top schools is better than any extracurricular activity or additional tutoring. Thrive Preschool in Englewood offers the best preschool programs and they take a creative approach in educating young children.

That means you may need to sacrifice living in the big city so you can afford things your child needs to prosper (travel team sports, dance, language classes…).

Become a less stressed and happy person yourself

You will thrive in your personal and business ventures when you are able to manage stress and focus on being happy. Happy people breed happiness and you cannot teach your kids to be happy when you are a grumpy parent. Children of parents that do not fare well often tend to find it harder to adapt in current and future relationships.

Keep in mind that emotion is contagious. When you are a stressed and miserable person, it is very likely that your kids are going to catch it faster than any cold.

Reading is still fundamental

Some of the first gifts worth investing in are books and reading to them daily as it will teach them to love books and reading. Teaching them numbers early will instil a love for literacy and math, which is often a positive way to predict future achievements. Early literacy mastery of phonetics, letters and vocabulary paves the way for education, confidence, and directly relates to successful adults.

Successfully manage the financial ropes

Encourage entrepreneurship and creativity when it comes to money management. This can encompass savings, bonds, and investing. Taking control of how money is managed and teaching them about this is important. You can also take a look at this website and others that give crucial advice on future savings accounts, specifically for children.  Allow them to manage their own savings when they reach the appropriate age.

Reward your kids for entrepreneurial skills and chores they do around the home and garden. This can include folding the laundry, washing dishes or taking out the trash. It not only teaches them responsibility and value of work but also how to collaborate to get things done, and you might be surprised how they would try to delegate tasks as well.

You should stop being too auto-critical. Take time to accept that you will make mistakes, but don’t lose heart when you do. Your confidence and paternal contribution are vital in creating a balanced adult, so never underestimate it.

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