How to Properly Apply Lip Liner

Posted November 18, 2013 by in Beauty

There’s a big misconception that you’re supposed to wear lip liner that’s similar, if not the same color as the lipstick you’re applying. That’s not correct. That’s how beauty mishaps like the one below happen:


When you wear lip liner that’s too similar to your bold lip color, the lip color will most likely fade before the liner does. Everything you do — especially eating and drinking, fades your lip color throughout the day. If you’re not paying attention and constantly re-applying, you risk the atrocity above.

It’s not a good look. It was for a hot second in the 90’s but at this point in time, it should be avoided at all costs. Below is the proper way to use lip liner:


1. Know when to use it

Lip liner is used for two things: to keep the lipstick from ‘feathering’ and to make the lips appear larger. Use it when wearing a bold color — plums and reds especially. The darker the color, the higher the ‘feathering’ risk.

If you’re wearing a light pink color or lip gloss, lip liner isn’t necessary.

2. Pick out the right color

Your lip liner should be as close to your natural lip color as possible. I’m wearing Timeless Coral from L’Oreal.


3. Line your actual lip shape

If you have small lips, outline just outside of your natural lip line. Just don’t go overboard because you risk an unnatural look.


 3. Apply lipstick and blot

Apply the lip color of your choice. I’m wearing Americana by Vincent Longo. Once applied, blot it with a tissue.


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