How to Properly Use a Diffuser

Posted March 2, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Have you ever entered a spa room? If the answer is a firm YES, you would’ve come across a beautiful fragrance. It entices your soul and calms your mind. If you know what I’m talking about, it’s likely from a diffuser.

A diffuser is one of the easiest ways to spread the benefit of essential oil around a room. But if you are new to aromatherapy, you might be confused with where to begin and what to do. Aromatherapy is a traditional healing technique where you use essential oils for various health benefits. 

Let us understand how a diffuser can help deliver the benefits of aromatherapy:

Electric diffuser with essential oils behind it.

What is a Diffuser?

The diffuser is a device that can distribute essential oil in the surroundings. There are different types of diffusers such as:

  1. Electric Diffuser is the most common type of diffuser. It contains a water reservoir and a cap, and you need to connect it to a power outlet to switch it on.
  2. Candle diffuser does not require electricity, and it consists of a vessel-shaped container having space to fill water and to keep a candle under it.
  3. Reed Diffuser consists of a vase filled with reed sticks. Usually, the essential oil comes with the diffuser. The more the number of reeds you use, the stronger the scent.

The question is – How does a diffuser work? We will explain the process in the next section. 

How to Use a Diffuser?

An electric diffuser comes with a water reservoir covered with a cap. Place the diffuser somewhere you would like, for instance, on your nightstand or drawing-room. You can open the covering of the diffuser, add water to the marked level in the reservoir. Take the essential oil of your choice and add 3-10 drops of the oil. You can mix and match two or more oils. If you add more drops, the scent will get stronger, so you need to add according to your need. After adding the oil, close the diffuser and switch it on. Now, sit back and enjoy the aromatic scent it dispels.

If you are using a candle diffuser, all you have to do is fill the reservoir and add oil. Keep a burning candle under the reservoir, and your diffuser will start working. You can place it anywhere as it does not need a power outlet nearby. If you are keeping in a high traffic area, make sure it is safe and not prone to falling accidentally.

Similarly, for a reed diffuser, you can fill the vase with the desired amount of oil. You will have to stick on with one essential oil for a long time in case of a reed diffuser.

Benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has been in existence since ancient times. It has multiple physical and mental health benefits.

 Some of them are:

  1. Alleviate pain
  2. Reduce stress and anxiety
  3. Boost immunity
  4. It helps you to sleep

Everyone’s running in a rat race, and it is important to de-stress. Considering the essential oils have calming effects on your brain, you must invest in a diffuser. 

Commonly used essential oils are lavender, rose, mandarin, lemon, peppermint, tea tree, etc. Different oil has a different purpose. For instance, lavender oil can help you sleep well; peppermint oil can make you feel fresh and stay awake; lemon is good for anxiety and stress relief.

Diffusers can give you the benefits of aromatherapy easily and conveniently. They are also durable, and these days electric diffusers come in different shapes and lights. You can go for a diffuser that suits you, add some water and essential oil that you like. 

Now that you know how to use a diffuser, all you have to do is get one and bring all the benefits of aromatherapy to your home. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on spa sessions and aromatherapy.