How to Properly Use Peel Masks

Posted December 7, 2021 by in Beauty

When you invest money in good peel masks like those Formula 10.0.6 peel masks you just got, you should know how to use them properly. Everyone seems to think they know everything when it comes to peel masks, but as it turn s out people are getting quite a number of things wrong.

To help you ensure that you use your peel masks correctly, we’ve prepared a handy guide on proper use:

First of All – Don’t Overuse Them!

People think they can apply their peel mask whenever they feel like it, whatever the recommended usage that is recommended by the manufacturer. This is a huge mistake. A peel mask isn’t like a casual exfoliator or face wash product. It binds and forms a skin-like film over your face. It reaches deep into your skin’s surface to deal with those clogged pores and more.

The fact is that you need to leave enough time between uses, then you risk your skin getting very dry and irritated, as well as pores actually getting more clogged. Being a regular user of many months and years is fine, but stick to the indicated guidelines on how long to wait between uses. That number isn’t arbitrary — otherwise they’d likely just say use it every day to ensure you quickly need to buy more! — and is there for your best interests.

Next – Match the Peel Mask to Your Skin Type

In some people’s quest to always use the brand that they want, they end up potentially buying peel masks that are not suited to their skin type at all. Focus on the formulation and the skin type that it targets, and not just the brand name or other advertised qualities of the mask. If it’s not made for your skin type, it could do more harm than good. At the very least, you’re putting on a product that was never meant to be on your skin, and that’s never a good idea.

Typical categories that companies split their products into include sensitive skin, oily skin, and dry skin. Read the packaging carefully and if you’re unsure ask a representative of the store or company for a recommendation that will work with your skin type.

Don’t Leave it On for So Long!

Peel masks are not one of those products where it’s the case that the longer you leave it on your skin, the more you get out of it. Leaving the product on for too long before finally peeling can create effects similar to those we mentioned when you use the mask too frequently. Only leave the mask on for the amount of time recommended in the guidelines, and always peel the mask off gently.

If you’re prone to forgetting you have your mask on because you’re busying yourself with other things, then you should use a phone reminder, alarm clock or timer to give you some kind of audio warning when the time comes. It’s easy with some masks to forget you have them on if you’re lost in a film or another project. 

Finally – Don’t “Multi-Mask”

You’ve heard of the term multitasking, but what about “multi-masking”? This term refers to those people who might have one problem in one part of their face, like dry cheeks, but a totally different problem in their T-zone, like oily skin. They get 2 different peel mask products and apply to the different zones, trying to have your cake and eat it, too.

This is never a good idea because you have no real idea if mixing the formulations will have any kind of side effects or other impacts. If you do have this problem, then get 2 peel masks by all means but use them on alternate weeks, and independently of each other.

*Photos by Anna Shvets